I got the job!!!!

Leigh Noah Fiji
When we first met. I pitched him hard.

I let him know who I was, what I stood for and why I was the best person to assist him to realise his dreams.

His call out rate was $10K a day.

For the next two weeks I orientated myself.

Got present to the fact that the infrastructure of the place needed a total overall (more on systems and structures later)

And by day 10, I stood in front of him.

A CEO who had been managing a reputable organisation for 22 years.

A man who had strong relationships with most of the top CEO’s in Australia.

A man who clearly was used running the show.

And what I said to him was this.

“Your call out rate per day is $10K plus travel expenses, business class only….

….give me a good reason to pitch you at this rate with these travel expense expectations”

In that moment, I was his target audience, he was the product, and he came with a price tag.

And without my buy in, the newbie on the job.

I wouldn’t be making sales.

And he would have to explain the numbers to the Board.

For the next 3.5 years I generated 100’s of 1000’s of dollars for the organisation with ease.

Overhauled the executive suites systems, structures and processes.

And worked for nothing less than excellence.

Everyday we are pitching.

To our family, colleagues, clients, suppliers, friends and strangers.

And unless you do it well.

You don’t get buy in.

You don’t make sales.

And your business, career and relationships fail.

Pricing, niching, and creating your signature offer.

Get that sh*t right.

And you’re in for the win.

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Photo: Throwback to Fiji 🇫🇯 back in the day when we could travel #precoronatimes


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