Why I became a high-functioning alchoholic, and what happened next...

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Yesterday. Tomorrow. The Unknown.

Naked. Heart wide open. Surrendering to life.

Looking back...my journey of transformation all began consciously four and a half years ago on my 34th birthday (a 10 day silent retreat does that to you 😝) when I decided to get out of my own way, invest in myself and TRULY align with my values, principles, mission and purpose to create life that I LOVE! #personalalignment


The journey goes like this…



✔️ Create detailed financial budget (my action plan to leave my marriage)...#downtothecent

✔️ Made redundant, after been praised on my outstanding performance (corporate yo! that sh*z is whack) 

✔️ Separate from the Father of my child 

✔️ Start new (at the time) dream job

✔️ Become a high-functioning alcoholic

✔️ Cry myself into oblivion for hours on end most nights




✔️ Adapt to Single Mama life

✔️ Get seriously loose (sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll) 

✔️ Grind like a Motherfucker at new job



✔️ Donate car to ‘Kids Under Cover’ 

✔️ Find a more aligned school for Noah the Kid, my then, 8 year old son (the Catholic System wasn’t working for his free spirit)

✔️ Move into the catchment area to get access to forementioned school - an apartment for just him and I 

✔️ Go on 10 day Vipassana retreat (May 11-21, my birthday gift to self) to allow all the changes to land (in silence)


✔️ Realise job is eating my soul


✔️ Complete Women in Leadership Compass program. Investment $5K

✔️ Mix up the home dynamic, housemate moves in #lifeisbetterwithfriendswhobecomefamily

✔️ Go on Women’s retreat in Ibiza #whenwomengathermagichappens. Investment $3K

✔️ Visit my Sister, Family  (after not seeing them for 5 years) and mates in London and Prague. Investment $5K 

✔️ Begin topnotch skincare routine. Investment $1.5K

✔️ Bring focus to nourishing physical body with more nutrients, water, exercise, heaps of high quality sex and loads of rest #sleepiseverything

✔️ Reduce alcohol intake

✔️ Complete Rainbow yoga family and children’s yoga training to build my self-confidence. Investment $1K

✔️ Get super clear on non-negotiables

✔️ Engage 7 different business coaches, guides & mentors. Investment $20K. 



✔️ Commit to healing my Father wound

✔️ Start and complete Landmark’s “being human” programs - The Forum, Advanced Course, SELP. Investment $4K

✔️ Stop smoking after 24 years

✔️ Request 1 x work from home day and 1 early finish day. Request gets rejected.

✔️ Resign on the spot from full time job of 3.5 years

✔️ Recover from adrenal fatigue and chronic nervous system imbalances

✔️ Return to regular meditation, yoga and Kung fu practice

✔️ Dance, dance, dance

✔️ Pull a profitable and sustainable purpose-driven business out of thin air within 11 weeks.

✔️ Begin work on healing my Mother wound

✔️ Make contact with estranged Mother after 5 years of no communication

✔️ End contact with estranged Mother. Move on with my life.

✔️ Complete Women’s Circle training. Commit to no longer being afraid of my own power. Investment $500.

✔️ Begin 12 month business coaching program. Investment $15K.

✔️ Release intimate relationship that is out of alignment with that which I truly desire 



✔️ Launch my first group business accelerator program

✔️ Dive deeper into healing my Mother wound

✔️ Hit 6-figures in my business

✔️ Become a #1 International Best Selling Author

✔️ Release yet another intimate relationship that is out of alignment with that which I truly desire



✔️ Begin deeper energetic work to dissolve my patterns and programs

✔️ Choose celibacy

✔️ Invest in lead generation, marketing and PR courses. $17K. 

✔️ Become a #1 International Best Selling Author for the second time

✔️ Launch Inategy Business School

✔️ Raise over $3K for the Aminata Maternal Foundation 

✔️ Become the kind of Mother that I am proud to be - my greatest achievement to date 💗



And in between it all, I continue to reflect, observe, ask for help, practice loving myself, honouring myself, living with an open heart, and creating time and space to live a peaceful and fulfilling life of contribution, passion and purpose.


And so it is.


The journey continues.

The spiral of ascension, as Tamala Ridge, my Addictions Specialist calls it.


Everyday continues to be a new beginning.

Everyday continues to be a blessing.

Everyday I thank my lucky stars for waking up with an opportunity to continue experiencing being human.

The uplevelling never ends.


And each day I make a consicous choice to be better than the woman I was the day before.

Whilst basking in the magic of being human on this planet, at this time.


✨Who do YOU choose to be, as we prepare to transition into this new year of possibilities?

They are endless. 


Here’s to continuing to do the work to bridge the gap between power and leadership.

By doing and being all that is humanly possible to raise the vibration of the planet.

So that we can continue to contribute to bringing more harmony to our world.



My clients tell me I’m a force 🔥 to be reckoned with.

The truth is, it’s been a journey. 

One that I have been taking step by step.

Change 🚀 happens fast.

Intentional action ✨ takes time to embody.

Personal alignment 🦚is a moment to moment job.

Sending you all so much love and light, and wishing you all the excitement and courage that comes with preparing for your imminent next level of growth. 

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Thank you to each and everyone of you who have been a part of my journey of transformation. I appreciate you all very much.

With love and excitement for your imminent next level of growth.



Photography by: Louisa Seton, Fine Art Photographer


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