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You don’t get into the game of entrepreneurship because you want location independence. 

Your days of working from anywhere at anytime exist in your job already  #thanksC19

You make the leap from employee to entrepreneur because you want uncapped potential, uncapped freedom, uncapped self-expression, uncapped flexibility, uncapped generation of revenue #zeroglassceiling

It’s the difference between a $150K year, and $150K months 🔥 - THE POSSIBILITIES ARE LIMITLESS! 

It all starts with tears, overwhelm, and anxiety, and within a few weeks it all transforms into pure joy, peace, and overall delicious wellness!

They’re 11 weeks in [my private VIP clients]. 1 week away from reaching the halfway mark to stepping into their full power for profitable and sustainable purpose-driven business growth.

🔥 One woman has brought her dream house, taken her relationship with her husband to places she has been dreaming of for years, and, quote unquote “everything in my life is working right now”.

🔥 Another has bought an investment property, is speaking her truth with love and without attachment, and is feeling utterly adored and appreciated by her husband. 

🔥 Another has landed herself 600 square metres of dream space, is in a new relationship that has her awestruck by the level of consciousness that exists between the two of them, and is experiencing a sense of groundedness in ways that she never has done.

🔥 Another is about to become a #1 international bestselling author, has released a 5 year relationship that has had her doubting herself and reducing her self-confidence over these past few years, and is feeling super calm and excited about the new possibilities that lie ahead.

🔥 Another has created a clear pathway to exit her 6-figure + corporate job within the next 6 months, is in a beautiful relationship with herself, her partner and her family, and has been having more fun over the past few weeks than she’s allowed herself to experience over the past few years.


...doesn’t happen overnight.

When walking the path to building and growing a Multi-6 Figure Business… happens WITHIN A FEW WEEKS. 

AKA - The journey of owning your gifts, and sharing them powerfully for purpose, with those who desire to receive what you have to offer!

And it has you...

🚀 Standing for nothing less than that which you truly desire.

❤️ Making a commitment to creating space for all that which brings you joy.

🙏 Releasing the overwhelm, anxiety and general bullsh*t that no longer serves you.


In order to live a life beyond your wildest dreams without compromising who you truly are, you are required to choose nothing less than EXCELLENCE.

In order to build and grow a Multi-6 Figure purpose-driven business sustainably, there is ZERO room for mediocrity.

Applications for Ascension: The Mastermind, are open. For 6-figure earners who want to Ascend to Multi-6 Figure CEO’s of their businesses and lives without compromising who they truly are to achieve the wildest dreams!

Late bird to save $1000 ends on 22 April. 

PM here or email me at leigh@leighjanewoodgate to apply.

We start in May.

Listen to your inner whispers and take courageous action!

The world needs you NOW!

With love and excitement for your imminent next level of growth,


📸 Amanda Starr


Leigh Jane Woodgate is a Business Growth Advisor, Leadership Mentor, Author of two international #1 bestselling books “Trailblazers” and “Awakening, and the Founder of Inategy Business School, a Leadership Collective and Online Business School that enables purpose-driven entrepreneurs and conscious leaders to build and grow profitable and sustainable businesses without having to compromise who they are to achieve their wildest dreams.

For over 20 years Leigh has built and grown successful global businesses alongside influential entrepreneurs & CEO’s. She understands the power of balancing masculine and feminine energy, integrating nature's cycles and aligning tailored business strategy to each individual to support sustainable business growth. Her clients work with her to learn how to do less and earn more so that they can experience more pleasure, build substantial wealth, and create greater impact with grace, simplicity & flow. 

Born in Johannesburg. Raised by one of the first men in South Africa to gain custody of a child in the 1980s. She lives in Sydney with her 12 year son, Noah the Kid.

Connect with her here:


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Clubhouse: @Leighjane



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