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For the Women who start from nothing...

Year on year, since starting my business,

I have almost doubled my income each year.

I have halved my working hours.

And quadrupled the amount of time I have to nourish myself,

enjoy my life,



and be present for Noah the Young Man (N.TYM), my 13 year old son.

My first year of business,

I pushed myself way beyond my capacity,

and almost broke.

My nervous system was a car crash.

In 2018,

I resigned on the spot (you can read more about why I did here)

With $2k in my bank account,

No savings,

No back-up,

No clear plan of how I was going to pay the bills,

or keep a roof over our heads.

I don’t recommend jumping off a cliff in this way,

to anyone.

There were moments where I played the buy one get one free game.

In my head, I told myself Woolworths was running a special…

the 2018 “pay for every 3rd item special”

Was it ethical?

Am I proud of what I did to get by,

to stay healthy,

to meet our basic needs…?

Can’t say that I am.


...there was no way I was compromising on healthy food for Noah and I.

There was no f*cking ways that we were eating beans on toast whilst I was figuring out how to get out of my own way in order to create the impact that my soul was calling me forth for.

And our $50 weekly food budget only got us so far.

I did what I thought I had to do.

And then I realised what was possible.

I asked for help.

I asked my ex to pay his monthly child support upfront for a few months.

I reached out to girlfriends and mates, and asked for cash advances.

I reached out to my bank and asked for repayments on my credit cards to be paid at a later stage.

I reached out to my electricity, and mobile phone providers and asked for some breathing space.

I needed a runway.

I needed to make investments in my business and self, in order to get to where I was committed to going.

They all said yes,

without hesitation.

When I reached out to my parents,

They said no.

And I very quickly remembered how I became so fiercely independent, and driven by pride.

3 years later...

I no longer play the buy one get one free game.

I pay my bills on time, and in full.

Our food budget has quadrupled.

Our entertainment budget is in existence.

We have savings.

Both business,

and personal.

I pay my taxes in full.

I am almost totally debt free.

That’s $80K, almost fully paid off.

When I separated from my husband in 2014,

I put myself in a lot of debt in order to put a roof over Noah and my heads.

Between 2017 and 2020 I invested over $100K to grow my business.


I am the CEO of a Multi-6 figure business and life that I am so incredibly proud of.

I stood the course,

I betted on myself,

and enrolled others to bet on me too.

And I served at the highest level possible in each and every moment.

For it, I am in deep celebration,

gratitude and awe,

of what becomes possible,

when we choose to live in alignment with our values, principles, mission, purpose, vision, and virtues.

It’s what I teach.

It’s what I live and breathe.

The first two years of business are no f*cken joke.

They require an immense amount of grit, commitment, resilience, confidence, self-belief, and endless amounts of support.

I made a commitment to myself that when I crossed the quarter of a million dollar mark, that I would invest in a me-for-me.

Someone that could give me what I give to others.

Someone that knows my business inside out.

Someone that is 10 steps ahead of me.

That day has arrived.

Cait Scudder, I cannot wait to be supported at this level, as I walk to path to a million dollars, so that I can stay good on my promise to give $20K - $50K to the Aminata Maternal Foundation on an annual basis to help them achieve their goal of ending preventable maternal and infant deaths in Sierra Leone.

“Because Motherhood should mark a beginning, not an end” ~ Aminata Conteh Biger

I’ve been working over the past 6 months, to be able to invest at this level.

And when I arrived,

the goal posts had moved.

They had in fact doubled.

On the 5th of September, what I had been working towards, was no longer in my reach.

Over the next few days…

I got super clear,

on what I was available for.

The DEEPEST of support is what called me.

And then, as always...the Universe delivered.

And what was seemingly impossible,

8 days prior,

became beyond possible,

8 days later.

Money fell from the sky.

By investing in expert advice,

I receive expert returns of investment.

For the Women who start from nothing…


Choose to live in alignment with the highest version of yourselves,

And the Universe will sort out the details.

To Tamala Ridge, my Addictions Specialist, thank you for enabling me to transform my addictions to reverence.

Thank you for holding my hand when I was falling apart.

Thank you for witnessing me in all my glory,

and all my tears,

both of joy and heartache.

You saved my life.

For the Women who start from nothing…


is where miracles occur.

Make the commitment to fall deeply in love with yourselves.

Stay the course.

Listen to your inner whispers, and take courageous action.

The world needs you.

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With love, light, and excitement for your imminent next level of expansion.

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