Once you've discovered your role, you can't go back...

Performer? or VIP Guest? 🤷‍♀️

The performance is fun, though it’s what happens backstage in the conceptualisation, organisation of ideas, thoughts, feelings, and in the alchemisation of all the required elements to bring an extraordinary performance, experience, product or service to life successfully, that I’m MOST turned on by 💦

And over the past few weeks particularly, I’ve been overjoyed 🤩 to witness and receive multiple messages from clients who have shared that their wild dreams are coming, and have come to life, and from new friends in deep gratitude and appreciation for crossing paths with me 🤗

This week, I’ve had the honour of passing multiple hours with two of the bravest people I know, in the pursuit of bringing their wild dreams to life 🚀

One of whom SAVES LIVES.

The other, a producer of experiences to remind us why it’s so extraordinary TO BE ALIVE.

And after saying yes to an invitation to contribute to the successful launch of a multi 6-figure project…

…on the night the presentation of the vision for the project was shared, it was shared with us what the criteria to be in the room with other extraordinary advisors was…

1 - A bright mind

2 - Creative genius

3 - Events expert

What a privilege to receive such an invitation 🙏 

And how deeply moved my heart ❤️‍🔥 was when I witnessed all the work that this woman and I had done together two years prior, flowing through every cell of her being as she shared her vision with such delight and eloquence, from one of the most exquisite stages and locations in Sydney, to an audience of profoundly successful creative beings.

“Leigh, the work we did two years ago, changed my life” she shared with me after her presentation, as my eyes filled with watery joy.


I then had the opportunity to share a deep and meaningful conversation with her beloved, a man she met a few weeks after us completing the D.I.V.I.N.E work…

…The reason she reached out to me initially -  to become a match for a loving, committed & aligned relationship.

“Leigh, I know you’re not a relationship coach, but I think you can help me”

Today, I close the week with my heart full, my mind clear, and my soul deeply satisfied.

Reminded that every satisfying outcome, is one step away from an ALIGNED DECISION.

And unless you’re taking intentional, inspired and courageous ACTION, EXPANDING your skill set, EMBODYING your life’s work, and attuning to the required ENERGETIC STATE that enables you to be in the FEELING STATE that leads you to what you’re desiring to create…

Whilst choosing to be true to yourself, in the process…

Life and business doesn’t flow 💦

These past few weeks have been filled with a flurry of "Leigh, I just wanted to send you an update on my fcking fantastic life, and share with you my appreciation of all the work we’ve done together, to get me here” 😄


➡️ There’s something magical that tends to happen at the 24 month mark after certain steps within my signature D.I.V.I.N.E process have been completed.


And it’s at this point that the ‘successful performance’looks like an OVERNIGHT SUCCESS [click here to become a match for "overnight success"]

There is SO much that happens backstage that not many see (unless of course you’re part of the inner circle, or a trusted advisor).

The HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS of masterminding, mistressminding, strategising, aligning to, focusing on, healing, releasing, and elevating to…

….that has me so incredibly LIT!

And although I love witnessing the finished product come to life

It’s the backstage stuff that I live for.

My clients live for the performance…   

I live for the magic of the deep trust that is required to be backstage to support the performers to bring their wild dreams to life…

The place that only the VIP’s are welcome 😉

Where the conceptualisation,

organisation of ideas, thoughts, feelings,

and the alchemisation of all the required elements to bring extraordinary performances, experiences, products and / or services to life successfully!!!

Yesterday we also complete our 31 DAY ELEVATION journey…(included in #DEVOTIONALS)

A space where 15 women gathered to calibrate to a higher frequency in order to be of greater service to self and others.

WHAT ABSOLUTE DELICIOUSNESS to have been witness to, and to have been witnessed in this simply delightful experience of letting go yet another layer of that which no longer serves, in order to create space for that which is ready to be enjoyed.

Happy weekend beauties…

Have the most whatever kind of weekend you’re desiring…







Whatever you choose, make sure it fills you with all the peace, love and joy, that every human being on planet earth deserves.

ACCESS #devotionals here for $88 / month for the month of June.

No matter whether you’re generating 6-figures, multi 6-figures, 7-figures or multi-7 figures…

…at each stage of growth you’re cycling through elements that enable you to make LASER FOCUSED DECISIONS so that you can realise your wildest most DREAMY LIVES with as much enjoyment and pleasure as possible…

This work never ends 😘

The journey of the practice of being true to self, NEVER ends.

The journey of entrepreneurship and purpose-driven senior leadership, is a CONSTANT CYCLE …

And whether you choose to prioritise this#beingtruetoself practice or not, will determine how quickly you manifest your deepest desires.

Click here to claim your place.


I love you,

Leigh Signature


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