💁‍♀️You don't publish a book or contribute a chapter to a book collaboration to increase your credibility, or get more visibility, or grow your community.

🔑You do it to synthesise your message so that it becomes so laser clear, that whomever's hands or eye’s the book lands on, or across - your message is felt palpably through all of their cells, in ways that inspire them to take intentional and courageous action.

Do this ⬆️ , and the credibility, visibility, and growing community piece naturally occurs 💫




In the online coaching and mentorship space, metrics are often spoken of, and if you know me well, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of numbers.

Heck, this week I dropped a potent post on the 14 "why’s" that enable me to maintain a 67% private retention rate [link at the end to read it]

And just last night, I shared with my email community the 6 "how’s" behind my high-ticket client [$12K - $54K] attraction framework.


Some things are not about the metrics, tactics, and strategy.

And publishing books 📕 is one of them.

It’s one thing to write on social media daily, weekly, monthly.

It’s a whole other thing to publish a book, or become a published author through book collaborations.

These publishing processes are experiences that require you to go deep within your heart ♥️ and soul to gain clarity on exactly what it is that you are sharing so that you can be precise and direct in your communications, and ensure that your message lands powerfully.

It’s both a healing journey of getting out your own way - an embodiment journey of fully being with your message with absolute conviction, and an exercise to be of great service to others, with absolute precision, care, and love.

💁‍♀️ And once it’s printed, 

that’s it, 

it’s out in the world, 

and you have no control over who reads it.

That’s the magic of it 💫

Knowing that the book will be read by exactly who needs to read it, at the exact right moment. 

And the reason why this form of legacy leaving writing ✍️ calls you to account to be super sure about what it is that you are sharing.

There’s no editing “the post” or deleting it if it no longer resonates with you, or you’ve decided that it is a sht body of writing.

Once it’s printed, it’s printed. 

It then goes on a journey of its' own.

In 12 days, I have a deadline to meet. Or rather, an alive line.

A chapter to hand over for the next book collaboration I am contributing to, “Sacred Silver Linings”…

…Uplifting stories from Women who found the bright side in dark times.

🔥The first chapter I wrote inside my first book collaboration, “Trailblazers”, in 2019, the first book that AMA Publishing, published, was dedicated to my parents - an honouring of the influence they’ve had on me in becoming the leader I am today. 

That said, my Father was horrified to know that I shared such personal details of my experience of life as his daughter, the stepchild of his wife, and the daughter of my Mother, growing up.

What intended to be the most heartfelt 80th birthday present, was not very well-received.

🧬The second chapter I wrote inside of my second book collaboration, “Awakening”, in 2020, dreamed up at 3am by Monique Alvarez, just as the Vid 19 hit - a most inconvenient time to launch a new project:), was dedicated to my business - the structure that holds me to unapologetically do the work I do in the world to raise the standards and ethics of high-performance leadership and soul-led purpose-driven business growth - a guide to alchemising intuition, nature, and strategy to grow your business sustainably for legacy leaving impact.

☄️The third chapter, upcoming inside of “Sacred Silver Linings”, is dedicated to my ex husband and every man that has inspired me to stay single - A guide for my 15 year Son on what it means to be an honourable man…

…what works, what doesn’t work, and what is not tolerated by high-value women.

AKA - CONSCIOUS RELATING ⭕️ - the art of sacred sales, marketing and communications.

And I cannot wait to share it with him, 

and you.




👉What you will notice, is that in all these published writings, everything that I share is about systems, processes, analysis, data, schools of knowledge, communication, unapologetic expression, visibility, manifestation, health, well-being, intuition, survival, somatics, s€x, vitality, embodiment, creativity, movement, pleasure, driven growth, accomplishments, goal setting, grounding, and unearthing…

I create from my closed HD centres…


💁‍♀️ my strengths…




I’m not one to play myself down, or make myself small for anyone.

I’m too focussed on what I’m here for.

My standards are high, have always been, and because of it I’ve been burnt at the stake many a time by high-powered leaders, in the pursuit of shifting corporate culture, as well as by a few soul-driven leaders who have not quite been able to be with the frequency that I hold. 

🚀This has never stopped me from moving on my mission of bridging the gap between power and leadership. 

And although who I am,

doesn’t land for some people.

I’m at absolute peace.

❤️As I’m over here surrounded by humans who I do land for.

People who are magnetised 🧲 by my directness, laser sharp precision, and next-level intuition.

Them’s my people.

Thank you for witnessing me in all my shapes and colours, and for cheering me on from the sidelines, and behind closed doors 🙏

It is you that inspires me to continue moving, creating, shifting, and shaking.

SACRED SILVER LININGS publishes in November, 2023.

🎧 Stay tuned to get your copy. 

And keep an eye out for an epic creation about to land, a wild dream I’ve been dreaming up for the past 3 years, one that is finally coming to fruition. 

In the meantime ….


PRE-SALE ends September 30, 2023.

See you on the inside to walk the path to creating wealth in the Feminine Leadership Flow State©️

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❤️‍🔥An experience to support you to be the MUSE of your own life, and fck the rest off with ease.

Until then, may you continue to listen to your inner whispers, and take inspired, intentional, and courageous action.

The world needs your medicine.

Much love,






***Read the 14 why’s that enable me to maintain a 67% private retention rate here.

***Get your copies of "Trailblazers" & "Awakening" here.


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