I’ve been despised by many over the years, for the truth I speak.

The corporate penitentiary especially doesn’t appreciate a spade being called a spade.

Something I’m well known for.

It much prefers “tick box” leadership over the conscious kind.

The kind where ethics is not just talked about, yet actually embodied.


Is a stretch that many don't have the balls or ovaries for.

As most are stuck in the illusion of their phat paycheck and false sense of “security”.

Then of course there’s the misogynistic, chauvinistic, narcissistic, and gaslighting tendencies that many are either embodying or are surrounded by.

However, that’s a conversation for another day. 

I’m currently learning to pole dance and strut dance in heels.


On a weekly basis I put on a pair of the shortest shorts I have in my wardrobe, paired with a tiny little tank top, and my 8 inch dance heels.

Am I whore?

Do I sell my body for money? 

Am I seeking attention?

None of the above.

We are not whores. We are not hoes. We are not here in the practice of movement, merely for your entertainment.

We are women choosing to feel safe and powerful in our own bodies, by immersing ourselves in fun, supportive environments that stretch us and challenge us to move in ways that unlock deeply stored trauma that has been passed down for centuries.

In a world where Mothers and Children are still being beheaded.

And women continue to be objectified for their beauty; their mesmerising physical forms, magnetising energy, sensuality, depth of intellect, and capacity to hold potent emotions in ways that often at times seem superhuman.

I am at a loss for words about the state of humanity, global leadership, and people’s perceptions.

What fcking century is this!

The dark ages? 

I come from a bloodline of guilt, shame, scarcity, deceit, lies, abuse, and religious control.

My Mother continues to deny her heritage, and claims to be white.

She’s coloured. 

As coloured as the night is black.

My Father grew up in the war.

When my Son was 4 years old (the last time my Father and he saw one another), my Father was hiding under tables as bombs dropped.

My Son’s greatest challenge, at that same age, was getting to the top of the spider's web on the playground on a sunny day. 

When my Mother was little, her and her brothers were taken into foster care as her parents were deemed unfit.

My Grandfather was an alcoholic.

During that time, the children were abused in ways that no parent would be able to forgive themselves for.

Her and her siblings began to share of these atrocities amongst themselves, in their late adulthood.

Two of my uncles have now passed.

My Mother turned 70 this year. 

The last time I saw her was 11 years ago.

The last time I heard her voice on the phone was 4 years ago, yelling at me with her signature verbal abuse that our whole family knows her for, and her continued discombobulating love/hate mail that she sends me on every digital avenue you can possibly imagine. 

She’s now attempted to create over 50 social media profiles over various platforms over the past decade.

I get my tenacity from her.

I choose not to take on any of her psychosis however.

And unapologetically block her every time.

My boundaries, both energetically and physically, are clear.

As clear as the sky is blue.

All in all through my 41 years on planet Earth, I’ve passed a total of 5 years with her.

0 - 2 years old (full-time).

10 - 13 years old (part-time).

And when I was 23 years old, for 6 months.

During those 6 months, I found myself in New Zealand unravelling her from her abusive marriage, and supporting her to not drive her business into the ground.  

We are the sum of all our parts.

And because of it, I am clear on what I’m here for...

My bloodline of guilt, shame, scarcity, deceit, lies, abuse, and religious cultishness.

Ends with me!

“Just because I have compassion and understanding for where your trauma comes from, doesn’t mean I need to put up with your bullsh*t” ~ Unknown

In two weeks our next book collaboration, Sacred Silver Lining’s, goes live on Amazon.

A dedication to my Son, one of our future leaders.

A call to revere, respect and honour Women and Mothers at the highest level possible.

The very beings who create life.  

I share my story of domestic violence, without the guilt or shame that others might be feeling, and release the fear of speaking truth in order to call out whatever needs to be called out in the face of ethical & conscious leadership, as deceit, lies and abuse, are are not emotional or energetic frequencies that I am willing to be complicit in passing on through my bloodline, or to anyone who crosses my path.

I am here for truth.

This book, Sacred Silver Lining's, and my chapter in it, has been created with clear intention.

Both my Son and my ex Husband are aware of the story I am about to share.

An ongoing conversation to release, forgive, let go of the past and be better humans moving forward, continues.

A guide to enable you, me, them and us to no longer make suffering-inducing decisons.

A toolkit to support the avoidance of the destruction that comes with wounded decision-making.

A moment in time to walk beside you with my words of wisdom, lived experiences, and devotion to my life’s work to support the embodiment of being the truest, most pure version of self, so that we can all stand just that much taller, powerfully face our next edges,

Expand our levels of courage, 

And increase our capacity to hold the duality of life and ego deaths, at an even higher level,

Whilst being in service to others, for a more harmonious world.

To help us get Sacred Silver Lining’s to #1 international bestseller, follow me on IG @leighjanewoogate. Your support is deeply appreciated.

And in the meantime here are a couple of points of reflection to support you to overcome your next level of fear…

1. Where are you not being true to yourself - your BRAND DNA; your values, principles, mission, purpose, vision, virtues, brand essence.

2. Where are you tolerating and potentially enabling unjust, unethical, toxic behaviour that needs to end yesterday?

Step 1 - identify

Step 2 - take inspired, intentional, and courageous action.



A 14 Day COMMITMENT cycle to turn the volume up on your FOCUS through the embodiment of your FOUNDATIONAL GROWTH GOALS.


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❤️‍🔥 See you somewhere on the inside.

For now, I’m taking a moment to soak up the incredible support I’ve been receiving over the past few days as I release a few more tendrils of that which is ready to go, 

And continue to practice coming into a deeper level of safety in my body so that I can be with all that which comes with leading at this level,

As we bring our 12 month divorce portal to a gentle loving close, whilst my family and I transition into a whole other kind of way and stage of our lives.

My 15 year Son into manhood.

Me into mid-life.

And my ex husband into his final stage of life. 

Whilst being with the insanity of the tragedies that continue to occur in the world in the year 2023.



And absolutely beyond me that this kind of barbaric behaviour is occurring in this day and age.

Boys in men's bodies in positions of power, beheading humans.


And as positive, devoted, and committed to contributing to the transformation of our humanity in order to arrive at global harmony.

I am hyper aware of the ratio of percentage of human beings who choose to operate on a low level on the regular.

It’s insidious.

Until leaders choose to do the deep work that is required to release all that which no longer serves them, their families, communities, and teams.

The global state of leadership will never change.

The sad truth however, is that most don't have the courage to leave their ego’s at the door.

Most spend their time investing their energy in being right, instead of doing the right thing to bring harmony to our world.

These are the people who continue to despise me for speaking truth.

Those who are seeking to actually make significant change in the world, work with me to support them to build safety and security within themselves, to do so sustainably.

There is no cost of being in service to others.

Not to your mental health.

Not to your emotional health.

Not to your physical health.

Not to your energetic health. 

Not to your spiritual health. 

Not to your financial health. 

Not to your self-expression. 

When you’re in service to others in alignment with yourself. 

There is NO cost. 

No sacrifice.

No people pleasing.

No avoiding. 

⤬ No decision-making out of alignment with what’s important to you.

⤬ No burn out. 

⤬ No living out of alignment with your true intellectual, emotional, physical, energetic, spiritual and financial nature.

⤬ No suffering driven by wounds and trauma responses.

⤬ No fear of being yourself.

⤬ No doubt about the potency and sustainable impact of your innate legacy-leaving gifts.


…is Your way, your life, your business, your wealth creation flow. 


See you on the inside to walk the path to creating wealth in the Feminine Leadership Flow State©️


$355 / month for 15 months (until the end of Oct) of instant access to over 260 Masterclasses, Transmissions, Activations, Meditations, Workbooks, Templates & Podcast Production SOP 🔥


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🌹An experience to support you to be the MUSE of your own life and business, and unapologetically and peacefully walk away from anything out of alignment with that which is true for you.

Until then, may you continue to listen to your inner whispers, and take inspired, intentional, and courageous action.

The world needs your medicine.

Sending you all so much love and celebrating each and everyone of you who are waking up each day doing something of significance to bring more harmony to our world.

You can read more here on my views on the state of leadership and what, in my opinion, needs to be done about it.

***Spoiler alert: It starts with Mothers, and our teen boys.

And because of it, the fire in me is burning at beast mode temperatures.

A great catalyst for sustainable change:)  

👉 a new episode has dropped on Business, S€x & Being Human, the Podcast…it’s a super catalyser to take action if you’re needing an activator, on how I grew my viewership by 9,900% in two weeks and reached 179,000 accounts in 30 days.


Much love, 

See you inside MUSE or DEVOTIONALS.

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Image Leigh

Leigh Jane Woodgate is a High-Performance Leadership Mentor, Business Growth Advisor, Human Optimiser, Author of two #1 international bestselling books “Trailblazers” & “Awakening”, host of Business, Sex & Being Human, the Podcast, and the Founder of Inategy Business School, an online business school and leadership collective for soul-led business owners, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and conscious leaders, creatives, consultants, advisors, healers and therapists to optimise themselves for sustainable personal and business growth. 

For over 23 years she has built and grown successful global businesses alongside influential entrepreneurs & CEO’s. 

Her passion? 

Enabling the boundary challengers, disrupters, change-makers, social advocates, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and conscious leaders to slow down to speed up, create wealth in the Feminine Leadership Flow State ©, and create greater social impact without having to compromise who they truly are to achieve their wildly dreamy legacy-leaving dreams. 

Born in Johannesburg. Raised in South Africa by her Father. Mother to her 15 year old Son. She lives on the East Coast of Australia.

Connect with Leigh on Instagram @leighjanewoodgate, and explore her website to learn more about and connect with the work she does in the world.


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