ASCENSION: The Sustainable Business Growth Mastermind

Transform your power into Multi 6-figure's!

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Gain CLARITY on what drives you, get laser focused on your priorities, increase your energy levels and get the stuff that matters done without burning out.

Learn how to make ALIGNED DECISIONS quickly and without self-doubt so that you can create unlimited time, space and energy to realise your deepest most heartfelt desires.

LIVE IN ALIGNMENT WITH YOUR SOUL'S PURPOSE without having to compromise who you are at your core.

INCREASE YOUR CAPACITY to give and receive.
INTEGRATE YOUR HUMAN OPERATING SYSTEM'S INTELLIGENCE'S - intellectual, energetic, physical, emotional & spiritual.
UP-LEVEL your ability to be with your past, present and future without guilt, shame, or judgement.
MANAGE YOUR EMOTIONS POWERFULLY and become the most unapologetic version of yourself.
RELEASE all that which you are required to release in this moment in order to calibrate to BUILD UNWAVERING CONFIDENCE.
MEET YOUR FEAR and transform it.
Take control of your finances, generate revenue for purpose and CREATE CONSISTENT CASH FLOW. ​
Learn how to CREATE financial security for UNLIMITED FREEDOM.
Create a soul-aligned PRODUCT & SERVICES ECOSYSTEM that turns leads into buyers consistently with grace, simplicity ease, and flow.
Build an effective SALES SYSTEM & PROCESS to convert leads into buyers without having to sell your soul.
CREATE A PERSONAL BRAND that is a direct representation of who you truly are and what truly matters to you. 
POSITION YOURSELF AS A RECOGNISED EXPERT and learn how to powerfully communicate your knowledge and wisdom without fear of judgement.
ATTRACT SOULMATE CLIENTS who are ready to invest in themselves and pay you without hesitation.
Increase your following, ENGAGE YOUR COMMUNITY, and do less to generate more.


Over 55 personal and business growth Masterclasses with Leigh & Inategy Business School Guest Experts to transform your power to Multi 6-figures.
1 x LIVE Monthly Group Coaching Activation Session with Leigh, for six months.

See you on the inside.

Sending love and excitement for your imminent next level of expansion.

May you continue to listen to your inner whispers, and take inspired, intentional and courageous action.

The world needs you.


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ASCENSION: The Sustainable Business Growth Mastermind

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You show up. You do the work. Your business grows. Your life transforms. What you put in is what you get out. There are no refunds. You are your money back guarantee.