NO F*CKS GIVEN: 3 day transmission to free you from your Masculine Wound and fully embody your Power!

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NO F*CKS GIVEN: 3 day transmission to free you from your Masculine Wound and fully embody your Power!

It’s easy to get caught up in other people’s wounds and worlds, society's conditioning and cultural systems that don’t align with who you truly are…

… if on a daily basis you are choosing consciously or unconsciously to give your power away.

It’s even easier to complexify the simplicity of the very thing that brings the desired change to your life.  


The commitment to self, those before us, and those to follow, TO HEAL YOUR INNER CHILD, TEEN, MOTHER AND FATHER WOUNDS.

Otherwise known as “the everything works” life.

❤️ Over the past four years since becoming an Entrepreneur…now less than $300K away from generating $1M being more myself than ever before, those who have been in my life for the most part of the past four decades of my existence on Planet Earth, will attest that I have always been known as a woman who beats to the sound of her own drum 🪘, and loves to spend as much time having expansive experiences, and as little time working, as possible.  

SIMPLICITY > Life Path Gene Key 23…One of my greatest gifts. 


Why try to be someone else they say? It’s way too much hard work.

Well....’s come at a cost, and that cost is the price of choosing TO BE TRUE TO SELF over EVERYTHING else…


🧬 “No f*cks given” is here!

A 3 day transmission to free you from your Masculine Wound and fully embody your Power.

⏂ Without your Masuline in check, your Feminine cannot fully surrender to her flow.

🖤 Without your Masculine in check, there is no safety, security, or strong foundations to support you to make the thousands, hundred thousands, millions or multi-millions that you desire to live your best life, and create the sustainable social change that humanity and the planet so desperately needs right now, and our future generations need to live a good life.

Your Feminine needs to feel supported. 

Your Masculine within, is there to make that happen.  


Some people live on another dimension.

Other people create their own.

Beautiful gifts from my ex husband, the father of my child ⇣⇣⇣

“Leigh, you don’t live on another dimension. You’ve created your own dimension. And I love that about you”, he said to me on the phone last week.

“You decide what you want, you go for it with your head held high, and an energy that is unstoppable, and you make it happen every single time”, he said. 


Vocation Gene Key 57 > CLARITY.

My essence…⇣⇣⇣

  • Being CLEAR on the direction.
  • Cutting to the chase of WHAT IS.
  • Holding the STANDARD of what is desired.
  • FULLY EMBODYING that standard.

No. F*cks. Given 😉


The “No f*cks given” 3 day transmission includes daily prompts and guidance to enable your transformation.


🔥 Claim your place here.


****If you’re transitioning into your NEXT LEVEL OF STABILITY & SECURITY…tune into Episode 8 on Business, Sex & Being Human, The Podcast, “The Father Wound: Your deepest destabiliser, and greatest creator of security

And if you missed my transmission on The Mother Wound: Your deepest enemy and greatest ally…tune in here on my Instafeed 🙌...If you’re going through a massive period of GROWTH…this one’s for you. 

Keep on listening to those inner whispers and taking courageous action.

I can't wait to see you on the inside “No f*cks given”.

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