QUINTESSENCE: The Refined Wealth Creation © Mapping Assessment...Nature's Pathway to Embodied High-Performance Feminine Leadership...

Hello Beautiful Human,

I'm so excited for you to complete QUINTESSENCE: The Refined Wealth Creation Mapping Assessment ©.

A 10 minute self-assessment, designed to enable you to enter the Feminine Leadership Flow State ©. Nature's Pathway to Embodied High-Performance Feminine Leadership!

This highly effective and efficient tool gives you the guidance you need, to live your life, grow your soul-embodied legacy-driven business sustainably, and walk the path of wealth creation, in alignment with your true nature and innate flow...


And, I can't wait to share it with you!!!

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QUINTESSENCE: The Refined Wealth Creation Mapping Assessment © is a self-assessment tool that enables you to get clear on your unique pathway to sustainable wealth creation so that you can enter the Feminine Leadership Flow State © to realise your wildly dreamy legacy-driven dreams, without compromising who you truly are.





Born out of over 23 years of research, analysing, observing, and supporting CEO's and Senior Leaders who chose to run themselves to the ground "for the cause".

Something that I was longer available to be part of.

And the reason why I resigned from the corporate and not-for-profit life (two sides of the same coin) on the spot in 2018, and have since built and grown Inategy Business School, an award winning online business school, leadership collective, and education platform for soul-led purpose-driven entrepreneurs and conscious leaders, creatives, consultants, advisors, healers and therapists to optimise themselves for sustainable personal and business growth. 

I believe that no female leader should be denied the power of her consciousness, desire to contribute to legacy-led transformations, her intuitive intelligence, wealth consciousness, feminine flow, life's work, DNA blueprint, and sacredness. 

Which is what Refined Wealth Creation Mapping © enables Embodied Feminine Leaders to avoid ...

No more decision-making out of alignment with what's important to you, burn out, living out of alignment with one's true intellectual, emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual nature, suffering driven by wounds and trauma responses, fear of being oneself, doubt about the potency and sustainable impact of your innate legacy-driven gifts.

You get to have, and be, and do all that which makes your heart sing, and lights up your soul.

✔️ Living in alignment with what's important to you.

✔️ Enjoying structure that enables spontaneity in your life and business.

✔️ Cultivating and harnessing focused energy for sustainable and intentional growth.

✔️ Accessing increased self-awareness and expanded consciousness for sustainable returns on investment; emotional, physical, intellectual, strategic, energetic and financial.

✔️ Contributing to legacy-driven impact on your terms.

And in my lifetime, I’m committed to enabling this to be so for you.

See you on the inside.

May you continue to listen to your inner whispers and take inspired, intentional, and courageous action.

The world needs your medicine, more now than ever.

Until soon.

Much love,

Leigh Signature


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QUINTESSENCE: The Refined Wealth Creation © Mapping Assessment...Nature's Pathway to Embodied High-Performance Feminine Leadership...

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Leigh Jane Woodgate is a High-Performance Leadership Mentor, Business Growth Advisor, Author of three #1 international bestselling books 'Trailblazers', 'Awakening', and 'Sacred Silver Linings', the host of Business, Sex & Being Human, the Podcast, and the Founder of Refined Her, a Leadership Collective, and Inategy Business School, an award winning Online Business School that enables legacy-driven creative leaders, soul-led business owners, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, and conscious consultants, advisors, healers and therapists to optimise themselves for sustainable personal and business growth, without having to compromise who they truly are to achieve their wildly dreamy dreams.

For over 23 years she has built and grown successful global businesses alongside influential entrepreneurs & CEO’s. 

Her passion? 

Dancing through life, enabling the boundary challengers, disrupters, change-makers and social advocates to slow down to speed up, create wealth in the Feminine Leadership Flow State ©, and create greater social impact without losing or harming themselves in the process.

Born in Johannesburg. Raised in South Africa by her Father. Mother to her 15 year old Son. She lives on the East Coast of Australia.

Connect with Leigh on Instagram @leighjanewoodgate or visit her website here.