What is your wild dream? And what do you need to actually generate to create that wild dream? And as you create that dream for yourself, how can you create impact?

That sounds like a lot to answer — and it is — but today, coming off the beach inspired, after chatting with a friend — I was struck by the epiphany that I got caught on the Million Dollar train, lured into a delusion that I need to have a million dollar business to live my wildest dream.

My truth is that I don’t need a million dollars. I can flourish and prosper all along the way to achieving my long-term vision with half that amount. And so today, I’m sharing this personal insight with you in the hope that you too will take a step back to consider this…

What moves you to tears? 

Because that thing, that wild dream that moves you to tears, from a place of joy, at the very thought of it, is what catalyses you to take intentional, inspired, and courageous action to make it happen... 

So my question to you is this: What do you actually need to create your vision for 2023 and beyond? Financially speaking, what is your magic number?

And if that’s a million dollars because you want to create impact and be of service to others — and you’ve crunched the numbers, and that's what is truly required to make it happen — then great. Go for it! 

But if that is not your number, then perhaps, like me, you are ready to say, “In this moment, the  Million Dollar Dream ain’t my jam.” 

And then, together, we can grow from there.  

“What is your wild dream? Is your wild dream being influenced by validation of others, the dreams of others, shiny objects? Or is your wild dream something that is so true to your heart, that when you think about it, it moves you to tears?” ~ Leigh Jane Woodgate


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