Conversations with one of my clients, and one of my past mentors...

My response to the question “What do $100K months mean to you?” asked by a client of mine, a Multi-Million Dollar Business Owner who is adding another 7-figures to their business over the next 12 months.

And a discussion with my mentor about debt and 6-figure months. 


We’ve got energetic CASH minimums and maximums. 

We’ve got energetic REVENUE minimums and maximums.

We’ve got energetic DREAMING minimums and maximums.

And all of them are driven by our capacity to GIVE and RECEIVE.

Your MIND drives the show, the BODY experiences the spectacle, and if your NERVOUS SYSTEM is not onboard, your DESIRE won’t be realised.

In order to attune to the frequency of your next energetic cash 💸 maximum, you are required to heal that which is in the way of you receiving at that level.

Hellooooo Mama!

It’s Mother wound exploration time 👏👏👏.

Fact ⬇️

The more money there is in the hands of impact-driven women, the more opportunities are created for each and every sentient being on planet Earth to thrive...

Impact-driven women are good like that! 

Heal your Mama wound.

Heal the world.

In this transmission, I almost skip over the $100K I generated in two weeks 🔥🔥🔥.

My mentor, very quickly brings me into line.

I talk about why big dreams require big action, why big action requires deep trust in self, why big trust in self is built through healing oneself from the inside out.

I cover:-

  • What’s required to create $100K months.
  • The difference between an intellectual desire and an energetic backing.
  • Celebrating big, no matter how big or small the win! 🥂



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