Why jumping head first is a great option for success!


My multiple 6-figure and 7-figure mentors and coaches, all tell me the same thing.

Think bigger Leigh.

Be unreasonable Leigh.

Make a decision Leigh.

I get invited to the $10K clubs and multiple 6-figure and 7-figure masterminds.

Not because I think small.

Because I trust myself implicitly.

I have a belief in self that surprises me on most days.

As I am not the most confident person I know and never have been.

All I know is what is important to me, where I’m heading and what I’m content to work towards for the rest of my days on this planet.

For anyone who has ever been skydiving…

You will know that when you first jumped out the plane, you hoped to G that the cord wouldn't fail on you.

You didn’t know how to freefall.

But somehow you became one with the wind at 200km/h when you stabilised in a belly to Earth position.

Entrepreneurship is the same.

First you jump in a stable freefall head down position at between 240-290 km/h.

Then you become one with the Earth at about 200km/h.

For the driven women who are ready to freefall on the most magnificent adventure that you will EVER embark on in your life….

Want to know what freefalling in business looks like? 

Watch this.

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Photo: Freefalling in Lake Taupo, New Zealand, view from the top


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