Rejection is redirection. Remember that!

Rejection is redirection

2 and a half years ago my request to work from home one day a week and finish at 2pm on a Friday, to be more present for my then 10 year old son, was rejected.

I’m a single mother, dedicated worker and extremely driven woman.

I am now also the founder of Inategy Business School, a 6-figure + online business school for purpose-driven #entrepreneurs and #conscious #leaders who want to build and grow #sustainable businesses for social impact WITHOUT compromising who they are to achieve their wildest dreams.

You can ABSOLUTELY have it all.

Parenting & careers go superbly together, just as long as the environment supports work life balance in a conscious and effective way to make it happen.

One of my bosses used to call me an idealist.

I’m not idealist.

I’m merely a woman who knows that work, contributing to social impact, and life are here to be magnificently integrated.

We are humans.

We are NOT machines.

And our most important job is to be present for our children, in order to give them the possible future.

“Rejection is redirection. Remember that” ~ @deepicam

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