Senior women in leadership are done doing sh*t below their pay grade.


For over 18 years I supported driven male CEO’s to build and grow profitable & sustainable businesses.

Were their management styles conducive to sustainable business growth? 


Were their employees always treated fairly, with consciousness and dignity?


Were their actions aligned to the mission, purpose and vision of the organisation?

Often not. 

Through almost two decades of my career in import and export, private yachting, events management, manufacturing and distribution, corporate and not-for-profit, I saw and heard things that I can never unsee or unhear.


You can avoid next level purpose-driven success by surrounding yourself with people who are not your niche, not in alignment with your values and principles, not aligned with your vision for humanity and the planet. 

Or, you can choose to listen to your inner whispers and take courageous action. 


I was a late starter on my entrepreneurial journey. 

It took me until the age of 36 to wake up and find the courage to take the leap.

And by God, if I had known that life would be so incredibly expansive, balanced and fulfilling on the other side, I would’ve taken the leap when one of my first bosses said to me at the age of 18, “Leigh you’re not built to have a boss, you are your own boss - you should start your own business” 

It took me 18 years of trials and tribulations, 2 redundancies, 3 bullying experiences, adrenal failure, physical failure, my mental health challenged, and a loss of self-confidence that almost destroyed me... finally unapologetically own my zone of genius, and create a platform to support others to do the same.


They’re done wasting their time on tasks that are far from a good use of their time. 

They’re done compromising Motherhood for their careers. 

They’re done with corporate politics, bureaucracy, ineffective management and conversations that consume hours of their lives that they will never get back. 

They’re exiting the system to create purpose-driven businesses that enable sustainable impact, doing what they love, surrounded by people who are in alignment with what’s important to them. 

And they’re generating f*cktons of money without losing any sleep or leaking any energy over it. 


To remain in environments that are not conducive to the soul-aligned impact you know deep down you are here for? 

Are you willing to wake up one day wondering what on Earth you’re doing with your life, skills and desire to do business for good? 

Or are you courageous enough to take the steps required to live in alignment with your zone of genius, so that you can create all the time, money, influence and sustainable impact in the world...from a place of passion, purpose and ease? 


I have created more transformation and positive impact to humanity supporting purpose-driven women in business, than I did in the two decades prior supporting male CEO’s.

And you can too.


For 6-figure earners ascending to multi-6 figure CEO’s in 6 months. 

PM me to apply. 

Your time is NOW!

More than ever, THE WORLD NEEDS YOU! 

It’s time to step into your full power and get meaningful stuff done without the pain, heart-ache or destruction of self, that societal constructs so willingly feed on the daily. 

For 6-figure earners ascending to multi-6 figure CEO’s in 6 months. 

PM me to apply to enter the Container that is your Ascension to life on the other side of the system. 

In 6 months time, you'll be glad you did.

With love and excitement for your imminent next level of growth.




Leigh Jane Woodgate is a Business Growth Advisor, Leadership Mentor, Author of two international #1 bestselling books “Trailblazers” and “Awakening, and the Founder of Inategy Business School, a Leadership Collective and Online Business School that enables purpose-driven entrepreneurs and conscious leaders to build and grow sustainable businesses without having to compromise who they are to achieve their wildest dreams.

For over 20 years Leigh has built and grown successful global businesses alongside influential entrepreneurs & CEO’s. She understands the power of balancing masculine and feminine energy, integrating nature's cycles and aligning tailored business strategy to each individual to support sustainable business growth. Her clients work with her to learn how to do less and earn more so that they can experience more pleasure, build substantial wealth, and create greater impact with grace, simplicity & flow. 

Born in Johannesburg. Raised by one of the first men in South Africa to gain custody of a child in the 1980s. She lives in Sydney with her 12 year son, Noah the Kid.

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Clubhouse: @Leighjane



Enabling off-the-charts-next-level-women-in-business to increase their income, impact and influence through profitable & sustainable purpose-driven business growth so that together we can realise the 2030 Sustainable Development Global Goals, and create a world where everyone makes it…

Is why Leigh does what she does. 

What gets you out of bed in the morning? 


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