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The Energy of Abundance,

It takes no prisoners,

It takes no victims,

And it certainly doesn’t take the uncommitted.

The Energy of Abundance has you looking deeply into yourself,




And releasing all that which your higher-self is calling you to create space for.

Many desire to have it all.

+ Unlimited vitality

+ Relationships of deep connection

+ An overflowing bank account

+ Unapologetic self-expression

+ All the time and space in the world to do that which brings them joy

Yet most don’t have a plan to get there.

And if they have a plan, they often find that the plan fails, as they don‘t know how to TRULY activate it.

It’s one thing to DESIRE abundance.

It’s another thing to FEEL SAFE to experience true abundance.

To access the Abundance Codes you are required to learn how to embody what it feels like to experience unlimited vitality, deep connection, an overflowing of funds, and all the time and space in the world to fully express yourself.

Everyday I offer people who cross my path an opportunity have all of it.

🔥 A handful say YES!

The rest go running for the hills 💃🏻

It seems that a life of pure love, joy and ease, of pleasure, wealth and impact is very scary for many. 

In their minds they say YES to having it all!

Yet their bodies are not quite yet physically nor energetically on board with their minds desires.

Be careful what you wish for.

The Universe is ALWAYS paying attention.

Energetically align yourself with that which you truly desire, and what is meant for you will never pass you by.

Dear reader, I ask you this...

🤷‍♀️ Why do YOU believe you are not receiving that which you truly desire?

Is your vessel ready to receive the gifts it is constantly presenting you?

Or are you unconsciously repelling that which you truly desire?

Share your thoughts in the comments below 👇.

If you’re thinking it, more than likely many others are too...

...thank you for courageously opening the conversation.

Applications for Ascension: The Mastermind, are open. For 6-figure earners who want to Ascend to Multi-6 Figure CEO’s of their businesses and lives without compromising who they truly are.

Email me at or PM here to learn more.

We start in May.

Beautiful human,

Ask yourself this...

What is your deepest true hearts desire IN THIS MOMENT?

🔥 To live a life of freedom, pleasure, beauty, and aligned impact? 

So that you can experience more pleasure, create more wealth and contribute more effectively to transforming humanity and the planet, one community at a time. 


So that you can confidently, powerfully, and effectively share it with those who need to hear it most.

> Get clear on your niche

> Position yourself as an expert

> And learn how to create content that converts

The essential foundations for you to get your message out into the world clearly, powerfully and effectively.

My signature 3 Week Content that Converts Accelerator kicked of this week.

There's still time for you to jump in.

⭕️ The first group coaching session with me is tomorrow 26 April.

You will be sent the link to join the session once you've enrolled here.

Join us here or email me at to learn more. 

Happy Full Moon in  Beauties!

Listen to your inner whispers and take courageous action.

The world needs to hear your wisdom!

With love and excitement for your imminent next level of growth.




Leigh Jane Woodgate is a Business Growth Advisor, Leadership Mentor, Author of two international #1 bestselling books “Trailblazers” and “Awakening, and the Founder of Inategy Business School, a Leadership Collective and Online Business School that enables purpose-driven entrepreneurs and conscious leaders to build and grow profitable and sustainable businesses without having to compromise who they are to achieve their wildest dreams.

For over 20 years Leigh has built and grown successful global businesses alongside influential entrepreneurs & CEO’s. She understands the power of balancing masculine and feminine energy, integrating nature's cycles and aligning tailored business strategy to each individual to support sustainable business growth. Her clients work with her to learn how to do less and earn more so that they can experience more pleasure, build substantial wealth, and create greater impact with grace, simplicity & flow. 

Born in Johannesburg. Raised by one of the first men in South Africa to gain custody of a child in the 1980s. She lives in Sydney with her 12 year son, Noah the Kid.

Connect with her here:


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Clubhouse: @Leighjane 


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