You can’t sell a secret.

Your silence will not protect you.

Denying your birthright to share your magnificence with the world, will only end in pain and suffering.

Your voice matters.

Your story matters.

What you have to share from deep within your soul, is a gift waiting to be received by those who are an energetic match for your wisdom.

Who’s producing the show here?

Your ego?

Or your divine nature?

It’s game time Sister!

I’m turning 39 next week, and with it comes a double chin and heaps of wisdom to share with you.

Thanks 📸 Amanda Starr, great angle babe 😂

ASCEND into the highest version of yourself at my current rates, within my most favourite kind of Container...the 6 month deep dive into who TRULY you are, what you're here for, who you’re ACTUALLY here to serve, and the pathway to do so in the most simple, and aligned way possible.

They say tomorrow never comes. 

If you’re lucky, it will.

In celebration of my 39th birthday, of still being alive and healthy, despite the extra skin on my chin 😆, today, on the 6th of May all my prices rise.

Get access to all my masterclasses and signature programs at the current prices here.

If you’re wanting to get from $0K months to consistent $5K - $10K + consistent months with grace, simplicity and flow, in alignment with who you truly are, and without paid ads...

👌 These three options will get you there.

Option 1: Activation

Option 2: Acceleration

✔️ Get clear on who you actually are

✔️ Discover your zone of genius

✔️ Create your offers

✔️ Price your offers

✔️ Build an effective sales plan

✔️ Get sales now 

✔️ Blow the ceiling off your income

✔️ Get clear on your niche

✔️ Create content that converts

✔️ Position yourself as a leader

✔️ Build & grow your soul-aligned purpose-driven business profitably and sustainably

Prices range from FREE to $1,390.

Get started here

⭕️ Option 3: Ascension 

For 6-figure earners who want to ascend into Multi-6 Figure CEO’s of their businesses and lives, learn more here, or email me [address below] to start a conversation about whether this upcoming container is aligned with that which you desire to create in your business and life within the next 6 months. 

With love and excitement for your next level of growth. 

Listen to your inner whispers and take courageous action.

The world needs you!

Any questions, DM me or email me at 




Leigh Jane Woodgate is a Business Growth Advisor, Leadership Mentor, Author of two international #1 bestselling books “Trailblazers” and “Awakening, and the Founder of Inategy Business School, a Leadership Collective and Online Business School that enables purpose-driven entrepreneurs and conscious leaders to build and grow profitable and sustainable businesses without having to compromise who they are to achieve their wildest dreams.

For over 20 years Leigh has built and grown successful global businesses alongside influential entrepreneurs & CEO’s. She understands the power of balancing masculine and feminine energy, integrating nature's cycles and aligning tailored business strategy to each individual to support sustainable business growth. Her clients work with her to learn how to do less and earn more so that they can experience more pleasure, build substantial wealth, and create greater impact with grace, simplicity & flow. 

Born in Johannesburg. Raised by one of the first men in South Africa to gain custody of a child in the 1980s. She lives in Sydney with her 12 year son, Noah the Kid.

Connect with her here:


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