1997. The year one of my Sister’s got married. A celebration of Divine Union.

I was 15 years old,

3 years into high-school,

3 years away from leaving home.

4 years into being bullied,

A lifetime of fear, un-belonging, free-spiritedness, and less than perfect childhood memories.


The year of Divine Union for my Sister.

The year that discombobulated me on a cellular level.

That year, my Father fully lost his sh*t.

It didn’t end well.

What happened next, defined me for 21 years to follow.

That year, I felt like I had nothing left.

At school I had no place.

My Sister, who I adored - 9 years my senior - was leaving home.

My Father, after holding me up against the wall in the TV room, with his hand around my neck, my feet dangling off the ground, had officially put the absolute fear of God in me.

And my non-biological Mother, the only Woman who had ever shown me unconditional love, sat on the couch watching it all happen, doing nothing to stop it.

There was nowhere to go, other than inside myself.

And so continued, my journey of self-mastery.

Sh*t things happen.

Good people do bad things.

Kind people sometimes are unable to recognise generosity of spirit.

Conscious people have moments of unconsciousness.

Love, is sometimes not exchanged well.


Humans make mistakes.

Sometimes, they allow their emotions to get the best of them.

The truth is,

most Humans are doing the best they can,

with what they have available to them,

in that moment.

It’s not about what happens in the moment.

It’s about how we choose to reconcile with what happens in the moment.

The day my Father held me up against a wall with his hand around my neck, whilst my feet dangled off the ground.

Was a day I was momentarily silenced.

That day, I lost all trust in men.

The day that the only woman who ever loved me unconditionally, watched it all happen, doing nothing to stop it,

Was the day that I lost trust in all Women.

Do I hold anything against them?


Together we have worked through it all.

Openly, honestly, with love, compassion, understanding, and acknowledgement.

We can choose to work through our pain.

Does that mean we stop hurting?

Not always.

We can choose to forgive, let go, and move on.

Does that mean we forget?


It took me 21 years to regain my trust in men and women.

To FULLY EMBODY what it feels like to be safe, from the inside out.

When men and women step into a Container with me, to be fully supported to build and grow their soul-aligned purpose-driven businesses, profitably and sustainably, they are stepping into a container of 39 years of self-mastery.

What I have endured through my life, has almost broken me on repeated occasions.

What I have endured and overcome, has made me the woman I am today.

Birth, abandonment, bullying, abuse, mental instability, rape, dancing with suicide, Motherhood, marriage, relocation, redundancy, separation, survival, reinvention, self-actualisation...

Who I choose to be on a daily basis, is born from the capacity that I have built within myself, to go beyond myself, in order to be for others.

I hold space impeccably, not because I have a plethora of diploma’s, certifications, degrees, Ph.D’s, or any letters behind my name.

I hold space impeccably, because I know what it feels like, to NOT feel safe, be seen, heard or held.

I walk the path of generosity of spirit, excellence and next level integrity, not because I expect something in return.

But rather, because I know what it feels like, to feel like you are worthless.


They call it the path less travelled.


...because you’ve got to have BIG F*CKING PAIR OF BALLS to go inward, and choose to own who you truly are, despite that which could have potentially broken you over and over again throughout your life.

In April this year, just to keep it interesting…

My Mother Wound was re-activated…

Because what’s the path of Entrepreneurship, with only a Father Wound to contend with.

In May, I generated $54K.

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