Leigh Black Hat-14

I’ve spent my whole entire life not playing by the rules.

You will find me jaywalking. Crossing on red lights. And swimming where I’m told not to.

After 9/11, I sat next to the Pilot in the cockpit to watch the sunrise in Paris on landing, after being privately escorted to the plane by the authorities, for arriving late, due to consuming beer in the airport bar with a group of my mates, after being advised not to, on check-in, as it was time to board.

Google also advised that it wouldn’t be a good idea to drop two Mitsis (top class MDMA for those who are unfamiliar with Gunther’s fine work in the 90’s) before that same 60 hour journey to Canada, after smoking three joints on the way to the airport in the van, post enjoying a bottle of champagne with my Sister, whilst trying to pack 35kg’s of Snowboarding gear, efficiently.

I did anyway.

I was 21, turning 22, wild and free.

The experience,
not dissimilar to Raoul Duke…

Fear and Loathing…

...in economy class,
no Las Vegas on this flight.

Anyone else rushed their t*ts off at high altitude?

It helps you grow a pair.

Highly, not recommended.

First three hours are fun.

Next 57,
not so much.

How did I find myself in the cockpit on landing after 9/11?

I asked the Pilot on my late arrival when he greeted me at the plane door, if I could join him at that hour, at that point of the trip.

My audacity to make such a request (with the heightened security restrictions in place), after the stunt I had just pulled,

(the one where you say to the mates…”I’m about to drop two Mitsis, I’m not sure what the effects are going to be….make sure you listen for my name on the loudspeaker...they’ll be calling it soon, when you hear them say “last call, Leigh Woodgate, your bags are about to be removed from the plane”... that’s my signal to run. If I don’t hear it, yell “go time, Leigh”, when you do).

...was my free pass into the Pit.

It always has been.

memorable exchanges,
and “it all works out experiences”,
have driven me,
my whole entire life.

It’s why many people whom I’ve had them with, circle back to me, at some point in time.

I do life,
on my terms.

These days, I don’t inconvenience others along the way, or hold up flights intentionally for my own gain.

The sh*t that people are too afraid to do,
or ask,
or make happen,
to enhance their level of joy…

I do however partake in, in an ALL IN kind of way!

I’m about possibilities.

I was born with a dreamer’s mindset.

And a get sh*t done attitude.

I beat to the sound of my own drum.

And I invite you to do the same.

Anarchy will get us nowhere.

Neither will compliance,
without taking the time to become well informed.


Are you doing all that you can possibly do to bring yourself into personal alignment?

Or are you still hanging out for a free ticket to who knows where, with God knows whom?

No-one is going to save you.

Not your Auntie, your neighbour, your Priest, the government, a long lost Ancestor that’s come back for take two of life, not your coach, your Doctor, not your Angels, Guides, or 67th dimension Council, nor your partner, children, your Spirit Animals, or Mentors.

It’s all on you.

You are here to be in the fullness of YOUR Human Experience.

You may not dig it.

You may not be thrilled by the journey that you’re currently on.

you are here.

Experiencing it.

Right now.

And if you don’t like where you’ve landed.

Change direction.

Find a new map.

Seek another destination.

Not everyone can afford to fly to the Moon,
to look back at the beauty of Planet Earth, from way up high, Branson styles.

Yet EVERYONE has the possibility to access living in alignment with the highest version of themselves.

Where you at?

Do you plan on making level 2022 your best experience of Being Human yet?

Or do you intend to roll on through with same sh*t different year kinda vibes?

we will all be dead.

Some will be lucky enough to make it to level 2022.

Others will not.

For those who will,
the experience of Being Human,
will continue.

For those complaining about not signing up for this.

Give it up.

This is exactly what we all signed up for.

The mess that we as Human Beings have contributed to.

The Long Time Coming.

The Times of Back to Basics.

The Evolution of Being Human.

Wake up.

Chin up.

Get smart.

Get moving.

If you’re not fully investing your good chips in this experience of Being Human,
best you get cracking.

Beyond survival,
the enabling of the catalysation of the crumbling of the system(s).

Beyond increased income, impact, lifestyle….

….is The Art of the Experiential Being Human gig,
on Planet Earth.

One of the most spectacular,
miraculous and awe-inspiring...

...on THE most extraordinary Planet in the Galaxy.

[I’ve done Jupiter….not so abundant. More of a communal vibe, less of a luscious vibe. Not so green].

Here we are,
on this ball of richness,
floating in the sky.

In THIS moment.

At THIS time.

On THIS planet.

To experience the fresh air, fiery sun, the cleansing waters of the lakes, oceans, rivers, waterfalls, and creeks.

To indulge in the sensuality of being alive - seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting.

To breathe, move, rest, laugh, learn, play, dance, sing, eat, drink, make love, and scream with delight.

[For those lucky enough to have all their faculties in current working order, that is]

If you haven’t yet moved beyond survival,
the enabling of the catalysation of the crumbling of the system(s),
increased income,

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It may be a sh*t show out there.

It’s not your movie.

Direct your own screenplay.

Listen to your inner whispers,
and take courageous action.



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