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It’s never a great idea to do what everyone else is doing.

Someone else's path, 

is not yours to follow.

Know yourself, rule your world.

I play by my own rules, and empower, enable, and support others to do the same.

I’ve spent my life finding ways through road blocks.

Whenever I received a “no”, I found ways to receive a “yes”.

🚘 I learnt how to drive when I was 10.

From that moment on, I got a real taste for freedom.

When everyone else was at family barbecues, hanging out at shopping centres, deep in out of school sports activities…

I was earning a dollar.

That was at age 14, 

in a bottle store.

Where I met the first love of my life, 9 years my senior.

The place where I received epic discounts on liquor, placing me to always be ready for a party.

When he wanted to settle down, 

I wanted to explore the world of MDMA. 

> When my mates were going to Uni, I was working my first office job, and by the time I was 18, I had moved out of home.

💃🏻 By 20, after enabling the CEO to build a subsidiary of the business from the ground up to 7-figures, I decided that office politics, 4 walls, and a 9-5 wasn’t my jam, 

and headed off to live on the ocean, on Super Yachts for 5 years.

I became one with the Mediterranean, Baltic and Caribbean.

🌊 I got a taste for being deeply immersed in nature, having every meal prepared for me daily by a chef, with two minutes of travel from my cabin to the rest of the boat to begin my workday.

When a mate was ready to explore the world.

Who was the first person he called to borrow money from?

Mama Leigh.

💰 5-figures upfront. No questions asked. 

When my mates were partying, I was having a baby.

When peeps were feeling stressed out, I was having the time of my life, despite the immense amounts of loneliness that I was experiencing being so far away from my friends and family.

I picked up a third language along the way.

Learnt some next level survival techniques.

And got present to what it means to be alone in the world.

It served me well.

🥨 For 8 years, I tried to play by the rules.

When I landed in Australia in 2010, I chose to be reminded of what it means to be in the system.

So I got “proper jobs”.

By the time I hit 36, I gifted myself the greatest gift I have ever given myself…

...waking up with no job.

I don’t give two sh*ts about what other people think of me.

I beat to the sound of my own drum.

When I say I’m going to do something, I do it.

Sometimes it’s takes a little while longer than anticipated, but I always get there. 

✨ My standards are high.

I have no room for bullsh*t in my life, and immense amounts of patience.

If a line is crossed with me however, that’s that, 

the point, is one of no return.

Compassion, forgiveness, kindness, understanding and deep presence are essential ingredients for living a good life.

Having clear boundaries, and loving oneself enough to steer clear from that which is not for you, is a game changer.

🔥 35 - 45 is a turning point for many.

A moment in time where many people look themselves in the mirror, and ask themselves the question “What am I doing with my life?”

Some take intentional action to create positive change immediately, others get stuck in their fear.

The sooner you wake up to yourself,

and bring yourself into alignment with the highest version of yourself,

the more fulfilling your life becomes.

🙌 Over the past 3 years I’ve tripled my income.

Halved my working hours.

And am present for Noah the Kid, in ways that my parents never were for me. 

I’m here to break the cycles of ancestral trauma, and give our future generations the best possibility of living a good life, by enabling purpose-driven humans to build and grow profitable and sustainable businesses that create positive impact in the world.

I’m here to set precedents for what it truly means to experience being human.

And what it means to be human.... to be free.

🎤 The gap between power and leadership continues to grow.

The world continues to leave me in awe, wonder and disbelief.

And the evolution of humanity continues to be one of deep curiosity.

Are you making choices to increase the gap between power and leadership, or are you carving an aligned path for yourself, your family, and those who will come after you?

Because guess what? 


🚀 You ALWAYS have a choice.

Your life is YOUR responsibility.

Your level of joy is YOUR responsibility.

Your freedom is YOUR responsibility.

Are you claiming it?

The Waitlist for Ascension: A 9 month journey to remember who you truly are, align with the highest version of yourself, and build and grow your profitable and sustainable Multi-6 Figure soul-aligned business, opens next week.

DM me here for the link.

Listen to your inner whispers, and take courageous action. 

The world needs you. 

Sending love, light, and excitement for your imminent next level of expansion. 

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Leigh Jane Woodgate is a Business Growth Advisor, Leadership Mentor, Author of two international #1 bestselling books “Trailblazers” and “Awakening, and the Founder of Inategy Business School, a Leadership Collective and Online Business School that enables Conscious Leaders, Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs, and Socially-minded Coaches, Consultants, Advisors and Healers to build and grow profitable and sustainable Multi-6-7 Figure Businesses, without having to compromise who they truly are, to achieve their wildest dreams.

For over 20 years Leigh has built and grown successful global businesses alongside influential entrepreneurs & CEO’s. She understands the power of balancing masculine and feminine energy, integrating nature's cycles and aligning tailored business strategy to each individual to support sustainable business growth. Her clients work with her to learn how to do less and earn more so that they can experience more pleasure, build substantial wealth, and create greater impact with grace, simplicity, dignity and flow. 

Born in Johannesburg. Raised by a Single Dad. She lives in Sydney with her 13 year son, Noah the Young Man (N.TYM)

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