I’m one of those women who doesn’t quite “make it”.

I don’t seem to ever quite “get there”.

And although feeling FULFILLED and enabling others to feel FULFILLED is my driver, I like to play with numbers too. Because numbers are FUN 👏.

The first time I hit $92,272.74 in revenue in ONE month (3.5 years into business),

I thought to myself…wow Leigh, that’s pretty epic…

🔥 One month’s profit = the equivalent to my previous WHOLE ENTIRE YEARS SALARY.

A salary which came with fringe benefits tax and had me netting that of a 6-figure salary #notforprofitgains 💪.

A salary that took me 19 years 🐌 to work towards.

Starting with being a teller on the weekends at a bottle shop in South Africa, from the age of 14.

But guess what?

That month - November 2021.

When I reached $92,272.74 in revenue - $83,874 in profit in ONE month 🤩

🤦‍♀️ I momentarily felt like I had failed.

Because celebrations of success all around me by women who inspired me, were in numbers that didn’t equate to the numbers I was hitting.

I had been so programmed to feel like I would have “made it” only if I had hit 6-figures in one month.

$92K in one month was programmed into my system, as “not quite making it”.

Success had been shared as $10K, $25K, $30K, $50K, and $100K months.

There was nothing on social media about $92,272.74 being a success.


💫 And then I remembered….

…Truth is, no-one gives a f*ck about how round your numbers are.

They care about witnessing you embodying your zone of genius, doing it on your terms, from a place of love, and in a way that inspires them to rise too.

They care about witnessing you feeling contagiously happy to be doing what you’re doing, and who you’re being.

Whether you’re hitting $92K months, or $100K months, IS IRRELEVANT!

🤩 I’m so excited to share this interview in Auspreneur Magazine with you. I speak about my intentions for Women in Leadership. There is no mention of any of my financial
milestones. I talk about how I’m committed to changing the face of leadership, by dissolving the Patriarchy through Divine Femine Leadership, whilst driving the 14/14 Feminine Flow State © in life and business. I share about what ACTUALLY brings me joy.


The truth is that my greatest successes in business have not been in the incredibly abundant revenue that I have generated monthly from ground zero, without burning myself out at any point during my 4 years in business.

Numbers which, for me, were SO FAR FROM MY REALITY when I was an employee.

Nor has it been in the woman that I have become in order to be open to receiving such abundance for the depth of support that I offer each and every individual who crosses my path.

A depth of support that was taken for granted for over 2 decades of my career.

My greatest successes have been in creativity tapping me on my shoulder, to say “Hey Sister, it’s time”.

In those moments, what I have been presented with, has been so far out there,
so from the current reality of the world,
in Leadership,
and Masculinity.

Yet, every single time, I have accepted Creativities’ invitation.

I’ve done it f*cking well.

I’ve done it my way.

And in doing so, I continue to bridge the gap between power and leadership.

Over the past two weeks my clients have secured over $2 million dollars in funding, have got cozy with the consistent $48K months that they’re beginning to hit.

They’ve left long term relationships that no longer serve them.

They’ve got closer in those that do.

They’ve headed to South America for MIND BLOWING collaborations to make the world a better place.

They’ve fully landed their Brand DNA, in alignment with the depths of their soul’s, and shared it potently with their team, after 14 years in business.

“Leigh, over the past 14 years, we have done HEAPS of strategy work, yet, NEVER have we gone to the depths of our being, that you have taken us to”.

But the greatest thing that every single one of them has achieved, is that they’re HAPPY!!!!

My success is not in my numbers.

My success is not in their numbers.

Our success is in doing business and life sustainably, profitably, in alignment with the cycles of nature, so that we can all immerse ourselves in the deliciousness of peace, love and joy.

And Right now.

I’m feeling SUPER CHARGED after recovering from a mammoth move up the coast 6 weeks ago, into a dreamy four bedroom home overlooking the water and trees.

Something that I’ve been working towards for the past 4 years.

C-19 was an opportunity to try out our training wheels.

This new financial year, it’s time to ride.

🌹I hope this article inspires you as much as revisiting my journey has inspired me to keep on going.

And for those of you who are interested in walking a different path to business growth 👇

Applications are open to MUSE.

7 Women in business seeking to walk the path to 7-figures in the 14/14 Feminine Flow State ©.

14 days outward.

14 days inward.

14 days in service to others.

14 days in service to self.

Inategy: Intuition. Nature. Strategy.

Wealth Dynamics.

Human Design.

Gene Keys.

Feminine Flow: Follicular. Ovulation. Luteal. Menstrual.

The key elements to reaching your version of success #7figuregames

The success of knowing yourself.

Listen to your inner whispers, and take courageous action.


Know yourself.

Know your world.

DM me to claim your place.

With love and excitement for your imminent next level of growth,
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Leigh Jane Woodgate is a Business Growth Advisor, Leadership Mentor, Author of two #1 international bestselling books Trailblazers and Awakening”, and the Founder of Inategy Business School, a Leadership Collective and Online Business School that enables purpose-driven entrepreneurs and conscious leaders to build and grow profitable and sustainable Multi-6-7 Figure businesses without having to compromise who they truly are, to achieve their wildest most soul-aligned dreams.

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