When you're on the path of returning home to self...

You're either playing for team SELF, or you're sabotaging team self.

You're either choosing to abandon self...

...or you're choosing to reprogram yourself in order to normalise putting yourself, and your needs, before the needs of others.

As all good air hosts will tell you "in the case of an emergency, put your own oxygen mask on first, before attempting to help those around you"

...and when you're on the path of #elevating yourself to a more expansive frequency, it can often feel like an emergency.

The reason for this... that your system has not yet normalised this new way of being.

It's become so used to being in the experience of self-abandonment, that the moment you're choosing to reprogram yourself, i.e: to create safety within your system to put self first...

...your system often has a bit of freak out.

This why we choose to personally develop ourselves, in community.

So that we can hold one another through the wobbly moments.

And remind one another that it's safe to choose a higher level of love for self, by choosing to calibrate to a more expansive frequency.

Celebrating the Women inside of #ELEVATION who have reached the halfway mark...🎉🎉🎉

❤️ DAY 15!!!...of the 31 day Challenge.

And the shifts are already MIND BLOWIINNNNNNGGGG!

16 more days to go...

And I am SO excited for PHASE 2 of the journey.


🧬 Now that they’re in the #practice of their #action and #mantra to support them to release their #optout so that they can create space to feed their #optin and #experience, and reach their #goal with #grace, #awareness, and #devotion, in order to #calibrate to their next #energetic that is more #expansive than the frequency they were vibrating at, when we first connected 15 days ago…

They’ve all been invited to drop into the #feelingstate they wish to cultivate, plug-in, and NORMALISE ❤️‍🔥


With a double up on both #JOY and #ENTHUSIASM!!!

YAAAAASSSS to committing to 31 days of focused showing up for self, to release that which no longer serves, in order to create space for that which we desire…

***The next LIVE #ELEVATE challenge starts in August, in prep for Spring 🌼 vibes.

Claim your place here.


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The #ELEVATE challenge was born out of a desire to be surrounded by women who choose to take a good look at the stuff that is inconvenient, uncomfortable, and often quite challenging.

A desire to go through my own calibration, post divorce vibes, in community with women who get it. 

It was created off the back of my extremely intense European Divorliday Experience that reminded me of the delicious bubble of goodness - the incredible life that I have created for Noah (my almost 15 year old Son) and I, since I resigned on the spot 5 years ago, when every cell inside me was screaming NO MORE ❌ to the fcked up white privilege patriarchal bullsh*t that I had observed and been an enabler of for 18 years, after feeling like I had been btchslapped by my soul to create a business that allowed me to share my innate gifts with others, and be all of me…

…an invitation that required me to create it from thin air within 11 weeks, otherwise my ass would’ve been out on the street.


As a safety blanket was something that I wasn't taught how to create growing up.

Walking through fire 🔥 was.


it was a fly high with creativity and unrelenting commitment to be in service to others by sharing my innate gifts, or jump off a cliff, throw in the towel, and call it quits kind of vibe.

Up until that point I hadn’t been an explorer of the spectrum…I was more of a black & white kind of woman.

A this or that, type of being.

Until of course, I moved into the world of #allalignedness.  

Which is something that my Divorliday experience 🚩reminded me of.

We’re either in alignment with self 💚, or we’re not. And when we’re not. It ain't pretty 🤪

…we get to choose our people, environments, ways of working, serving, and living.

It’s where true wealth is born.


And it’s driven by the vibration of MORE THAN ENOUGH.

And repelled by the vibration of suffering and scarcity.

You want true wealth?

Turn up the volume on your capacity to receive, and your levels of resilience and grit.

They support you to GROW.

And enable you to become a vibrational match for ABUNDANCE.

And guess what…

The pathway there…

…is anything but #convenient or #comfortable.

Yet everytime we get to the other side, it is so AWE INSPIRINGLY JOYFUL that when the next growth moment is presented, you’re totally up for it, and everything that comes with it.

Do it once, do it twice, do it three times…

.. your system then attunes to the mild intensity of the growth moment.

Just like a baby plant 🍃 pushing through the soil to reach the sunlight ☀️ 

A reminder that the mild intensity of embodying a new feeling state, is just temporary.

And if you choose to be the truest version of yourself…

Life and business just gets BETTER, and BETTER, and BETTER!

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May you continue to listen to your inner whispers, and take inspired, intentional, and courageous action.



The world needs your medicine.



With love and excitement for your imminent next level of expansion.



I can't wait to witness you embodied in your full power!



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