In Italian 🇮🇹 you say “ho visto di cotte e di crude”.

Directly translated to “I’ve seen it all”.

Word for word “I’ve seen the cooked & raw”.

Over 23 years in leadership I’ve seen not just the cooked and raw, but the overcooked, underbaked, and beyond raw.

When dealing with Corporate CEO’s, Government Leaders, Army Officials, Policy Makers, Politicians, Board Members, NGO Directors, Senior Leaders and decision-makers across most sectors - [the list is very small of the sectors that I haven’t been involved in over the years]…

You quickly learn that there’s a time and place for it all.


A time to reflect.

A time to direct.

A time to listen.

A time to guide.

Leaders who spend most of their time reflecting, get fckall done.

Leaders who spend most of their time directing, piss a lot of people off, and burn themselves out.

Leaders who spend most of their time listening, don’t use their voice.

Leaders who spend most of their time guiding, don’t access the three above faculties that are essential for effective leadership in this extremely complex world.

There is a time and place for everything.

🌹 Space holding is a sacred energetic exchange.

We are not space holding in every single moment.

It has its' place.

💫 Mentoring is a sacred energetic exchange.

We are not mentoring in every single moment.

It has its' place.

🔥 Coaching is a sacred energetic exchange.

We are not coaching in every single moment.

It has its' place.




My clients invest in support from me to enable them to reflect on a deeper level, to listen to them, to direct them, and to guide them.

✔️ There are moments for reflection.

✔️ There are moments for listening.

✔️ There are moments for guiding.

✔️ There are moments for directing.

In the realms of Spiritual Entrepreneurship I have witnessed over the years, an idealisation of leadership, that is ineffective.

As Space Holders, Coaches and Mentors in this rapidly changing world, it is essential to know when it’s time to hold space, when it’s time to direct, when it’s time to listen, and when it’s time to guide.

Mastering this art takes years of practice.

⟢ A harmonisation of all elements of leadership.

⟢ Knowing yourself deeply and intimately.

⟢ Understanding what is yours, and what is theirs.

⟢ Being fully embodied in the present, and not distorted by the past, or future.

Too much of one thing hinders momentum.

Too much of another, creates separation.

Too much of another, disempowers.

Too much of another, cultivates co-dependency.

There’s is a time to listen.

There is a time to light a rocket.

There’s a time to tell people to just get the Fck on with it.

And there’s a time to be more gentle.

There is room for ALL of it.

Some people like Birkenstocks.

Others prefer to go Barefoot.

Some are into Cotton.

Others Spandex.

You are free to choose what what feels good on, and in your body.

There is no one way.




For me personally, sometimes I just need someone to listen.

Other times, I like being told what to do, guided in the direction to my next action step.

Sometimes I just need someone to review my work, and give me a sprinkle of guidance.

And sometimes I need a strong talking to [my 15 year old is very good at this 🤣 ]

As a Space Holder, Coach and / or Mentor, in which areas do you feel you excel, and in which areas do you feel you could to with more refinement?

  1. Listening?
  2. Asking great questions?
  3. Directing?
  4. Guiding?

A few points to reflect on 😉

❤️ Enjoy

***And stay tuned.

I’m about to drop a post on why I charge half the price and give double the proximity to my private clients at a certain stage of their journey 🚀



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