When everything inside of your body is telling you to run for the hills…

Instead you take a breath, and face whatever you’re being invited to face.

Because you’re surrounded by heaps of exquisite humans cheering you on, reminding you that you’ve got this.

And when you do, you plug in your next level of embodied safety.


Last night, I overcame one of my greatest fears.

Something that has always had me weak at the knees…

Something that yesterday afternoon, took my breath away thinking about how I was going to show up, and get through this thing without going into freeze state.

My worst nightmare [anything that induces a feeling of unsafety in my own body = my worst nightmare]

💃Performing in front of an audience, is one of them.




26 years ago. 

The last time I did something like this.

I was 15 years old (my Son's current age).

[back in those days, the pole was horizontal however 🩰]

***those who were on retreat with me last year [learn more about it in my highlights of IG @leighjanewoodgate], know how much of a freeze state I go into in these situations related to performative movement 🥺***

And although it may seem like an absolute nothing for some people.

Completing a pole dancing routine and backing it up with a strut dance routine in front of an audience, had me experiencing some deep seated real fear.

This pole dancing, and dancing in heels stuff, is some next level somatic therapy.

It’s unlocking parts of my body where deep trauma is stored.

Stuff that was reactivated this year on my 5 Week European "Divorliday", and then brought to a whole other level with a man I was seeing, the night after I returned from said Divorliday - undoubtedly the most intimately irresponsible man I’ve ever encountered over 24 years of intimate experiences, then exacerbated by the dynamic between my 15 year old Son and I - a navigating of a totally unknown realm for me, of some intense energies.

However, in between it all, it’s been 48 hours of kicking some serious goals 🔥

My chapter submitted for our next book collaboration… 

Sacred Silver Lining’s.

Which goes live on Amazon in the next two weeks.

A dedication to my Son, one of our future leaders.

A call to revere, respect and honour Women and Mothers at the highest level possible.

The very beings who create life.  

I share my story of domestic violence, and release the fear of speaking truth in order to call out whatever needs to be called out in the face of ethical & conscious leadership.

A moment in time to stand just that much taller, as I face my next edge.

Expand my level of courage.

And increase my capacity to hold the duality of life at an even higher level.

To help us get it to #1 international bestseller, follow me on IG @leighjanewoogate.

And in the meantime here are a couple of points of reflection to support you to overcome your next level of fear…

1. Where are you not being true to yourself - your BRAND DNA; your values, principles, mission, purpose, vision, virtues, brand essence.

2. Where are you tolerating and potentially enabling unjust, unethical, toxic behaviour that needs to end yesterday?

Step 1 - identify

Step 2 - decide to take inspired, intentional, and courageous action.



A 14 Day COMMITMENT cycle to turn the volume up on your FOCUS through the embodiment of your FOUNDATIONAL GROWTH GOALS.



$111 for 30 days.

Going up to $222 in November.


EXPONENTIAL 👉 coming soon 🚀 




❤️‍🔥 See you on the inside.

For now, I’m taking a moment to soak up the incredible support I’ve been receiving over the past few days as I release a few more tendrils of that which is ready to go.

And bring the divorce portal to a gentle loving close after much pain and heartbreak 💔 , whilst my family and I transition into a whole other kind of way of life.

My 15 year Son into manhood.

Me into mid-life.

And my ex husband into his final stage of life. 

Whilst being with the insanity of the tragedies that continue to occur in the world in the year 2023.



And absolutely beyond me that this kind of barbaric behaviour is occurring in this day and age.

Boys in men's bodies in positions of power beheading humans.

What fcking century is this!!!

Sending you all so much love and celebrating each and everyone of you who are waking up each day doing something of significance to bring more harmony to our world.

Head here on my views on the state of leadership and what needs to be done about it.

Spoiler alert: It starts with Mothers, and our teen boys.

And because of it, the fire in me is burning at beast mode temperatures.

A great catalyst for sustainable change:)  

👉 a new episode has dropped on Business, S€x & Being Human, the Podcast…it’s a super catalyser to take action if you’re needing an activator.

May you continue to listen to your inner whispers, and take inspired, intentional, and courageous action.

See you inside DEVOTIONALS.

Much love,

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Leigh Jane Woodgate is a High-Performance Leadership Mentor, Business Growth Advisor, Human Optimiser, Author of two #1 international bestselling books “Trailblazers” & “Awakening”, host of Business, Sex & Being Human, the Podcast, and the Founder of Inategy Business School, an online business school and leadership collective for soul-led business owners, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and conscious leaders, creatives, consultants, advisors, healers and therapists to optimise themselves for sustainable personal and business growth. 

For over 23 years she has built and grown successful global businesses alongside influential entrepreneurs & CEO’s. 

Her passion? 

Enabling the boundary challengers, disrupters, change-makers, social advocates, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and conscious leaders to slow down to speed up, create wealth in the Feminine Leadership Flow State ©, and create greater social impact without having to compromise who they truly are to achieve their wildly dreamy legacy-leaving dreams. 

Born in Johannesburg. Raised in South Africa by her Father. Mother to her 15 year old Son. She lives on the East Coast of Australia.

Connect with Leigh on Instagram @leighjanewoodgate, and explore her website to learn more about and connect with the work she does in the world.


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