M U L T I P L E   H U S B A N D S   A N D  W I V E S …

Something I am deeply grateful for.




All the men and women that I have in my life that are right beside me whenever I need them, whenever I don’t, and all the times in between.

The checking-in to make sure I’m still alive.

The memes.

The reminding me that they have my back at any point in time, if the sh*t hits the fan.

The supporting me in the moments, when the sh*t has momentarily already hit the fan, and I’m in need of a life line.

The memes.

The messages…

All of them…theirs, mine, ours…

~ “I’m sorry I haven’t checked-in for a while, Leigh. I’ve been deep in it. You’ve been on my mind”

~ “You free for a cuppa?”

~ “You got space for a quick 6 hour phone call, Leigh”

~ “Let’s connect Leigh”

~ “How would you like it if I hopped on a plane to come and meet you for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Paris”

~ “That was the best weekend ever!”

~ “I love you, thank you for being in my life”

~ “Thank you for being a beacon of light, in some very dark moments, Leigh”

~ “Let’s dance”

~ “I’ll be there in 10”

If I didn’t have the men and women that I have in my life.

I would die.





This year…


Out of all the years…

Has been the most profound year for relationships.

People that have been in life for many years…some that I hadn't spoken to for a long while, reappeared, in the most beautiful ways.

Their words.

Their voices.

Their acknowledgements…

They gave me strength.





The divorce portal, my ex husband and our 15 year old Son, went through.

And after being taken beyond my edge on our European Divorliday in March / April this year [you can read about it my third best selling co-authored book, Sacred Silver Linings ~ link in comments]...looking my ex, in the eye at the Barcelona airport on the final day of our trip, utterly convinced with every fibre of my being, that after all that had happened on that trip, that I was absolutely done with him…

I was wrong.

Tempo al tempo, you say in Italian .

8 months of SPACE.

And we’ve once again found our harmony with one another.

❤️ Love is love.

We can be out of energetic resonance with the people we love.


Love is love.

And love can never die.

Certain dynamics can.

Certain ways of relating can.

Particular ways of being that just don't work for certain individuals, partners, groups, and communities, can.

Love cannot.

And for my ex husband and I…

We know.

We know our limits.

And we clearly needed to be shown them in a Shakespeareaningly 🎭 tragic way, this year in Europe together, in order to come back to the place that we know works.

Our unique relating field.

Where we can speak on the phone for 5 hours at a time regularly.

Laugh our heads off.

Go deep.

Get things sorted.

Challenge one another.

Support one another.

And tell one another to get fcked with ease and love,

when one or the other has gone too far.

Put us in a room together for the same amount of time, however.

And the matrix glitches.


This year, my year started with a visit from a friend who has been in my life for 23 years.

We hadn't seen one another for 15.

He set the tone.

And reminded me that although I have a failed marriage.

What I am known for,

is my constancy,

rock solidness,


capacity to love,

safe honesty,

my determination to be and do that which is required to contribute to a better life and world for all,

my ability to turn the mundane into magic,

responsibility into play,

fear into adventure,

and chaos into calm…

And as I sat here writing this last night, after driving down to Sydney and returning back to the Central Coast last night, after connecting with one of the most important men in my life, on the way there, after not seeing one another for over 18 months.

Having dinner with the most important teenager in my life, my Son, after not seeing him for over 9 weeks.

And being in the delicious embrace of one of my most favourite Italians 🇮🇹 , after not seeing him for 7 weeks,

I smiled to myself…




I am not wife material in the societally acceptable sense.

I need too much time alone to harness my sanity.

I am however the person that many come to when they are seeking to remember who they are.

An activator of sorts.

Of their various parts.

I’m like the ocean.

"The ocean 🌊 stirs the heart, inspires the imagination, and brings eternal joy to the soul." ~ Robert Wyland

I feel like a wife to many, and like I am surrounded by my many husbands and wives.

To all of you who have been in the trenches, on the dance floor, and everywhere in between with me, over the years.

And to those who have felt safe to allow me to be with you, in all the very many places soul-led life and business takes us…


If it wasn't for all of you,

I would have died a very long time ago.

Merry 22nd of December.

Happy Solstice.

May you continue to move to the beat of your own drum,

and invite others to dance to your music.

Your rhythm,

Your flow,

Your medicine,

The place where memories are made.

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou

I love you,

Leigh Signature



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