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There is a big conversation being had on the internet at the moment.

And I cannot with the bullsh*t. 

Know yourself. Know your world! 

When you choose to commit to something for your growth, you’re either all in or all out. 

It’s not a "sort of in" situation. 

You want next level results. 

You’ve got to have next level commitment. 

I see women on the internet, who have done it super f*cking tough. 

They’ve had heaps of sh*t going haywire, yet they’ve still managed to create phenomenal results. 

This is not because they’ve lacked integrity! 

💵 The conversation being had at the moment is about payments, and following through with them.

And although, within 4.5 years of business, every client I’ve ever served, has paid for the investment with me that they committed to, and I can count on one hand, late payments made. [I’ve worked with hundreds of clients in this time, and generated close to a million dollars].

I too over the years, have made financial commitments that I’ve been late on, some that I’ve had to rearrange, some, I’ve had to renegotiate on. 

In the end, I’ve made my payments. 

And I’ve done whatever I’ve needed to do to make them happen (aside from selling my body…although, in my first year of business, becoming a high-end estcourt was looking pretty tempting, so was packing Woolworths shelves #truestory).

Single Mama Hood is some otherwordly rocket fuel that puts a fire 🔥 under you to get your sh*t in order. 

I chose to step out of partnership. 

I chose independence. 

Which means I’m on my own, and I don’t get to have the benefits that come with being in partnership. 

I instead, chose the benefits that come with being a single woman. 

It is up to us to know ourselves, and to make decisions from a place of sovereignty, not from a place of fear, trauma or woundedness, to then call  it manipulation or coercion.

We’re all f*cking wounded. 

We’ve all got trauma. 

We’re all human, it’s part of the journey.

We’re constantly evolving.

We’re constantly learning.

We’re constantly growing. 

The decisions we make for ourselves, are decisions we make for ourselves. 

They’re on us, and no-one else. 

And everytime we make a decision that momentarily f*cks us up emotionally, financially, mentally, physically, or spiritually, we have an opportunity to learn from it, should we choose to.

I am done with people using their wounds and trauma as excuses for their bad decisions, and bad behaviour. 

No man or woman will ever lose their sh*t with me again, or think that they can step into my world, and direct my life or business, because I am so open-hearted, generous, patient and willing for all conversations. 

The Father of my child is the last man to do so. A client and friend, who is no longer either of those things, was the last woman to do so.

I have a line. 

And for those who are awake and aware enough, know not to cross it. 

Our wounds and trauma are here to propel us forward and contribute to the evolution of humanity and the planet [if you haven't accessed these two transmissions on the Mother and Father wounds, I highly recommend you do so!

We’ve all made mis-aligned decisions.

It’s up to us, not to make them repeatedly [get started here for support with this].

There are no excuses for not taking self-responsibility for our lives and businesses, no matter how deep our wounds and trauma. 

Never has there been a time in the history of humanity with the high-level and amount of transformative resources that are highly accessible to most, both free and paid (mine are accessible below).

  • My podcast Business, Sex, and Being Human here.
  • My daily / weekly / monthly transmissions here.
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Heal yourself. Heal our world. 

And women, for the love of Mary, please stop playing small, by calling others high standards and clear boundaries, blaming and shaming. [stay tuned...masterclass / immersion / experience / event upcoming on Unf*ckwithable boundaries, incoming soon. Join here to access it, and receive 30 days of support to imprint it into your DNA]. 

You have the power within yourselves to know what is aligned for you, and what is not. 

Check yourselves before making commitments, whether they be mental, emotional, physical,  financial or spiritual.

There are some women who waited two years to work with me. Some still waiting. Others who choose to soak up my free content, and may never invest. Others who’ve worked with me for over 2 years. 

They make decisions from a place of sovereignty.

They trust themselves. 

If you have not yet mastered the art of decision-making from a place of sovereignty. Learn how to.

Get your values, principles, mission, purpose, vision, and brand essence in check. 


Without clarity, and the decision to align to your Brand DNA, you’re f*cked.

And if you make a decision that you thought wholeheartedly was right for you at the time, yet afterwards you realised it w asn’t.

THAT’S. ON. YOU. No-one else. 

It’s YOUR lesson to learn. It’s YOUR place to grow from. 

I made a $33K investment last year that I could have done without in that moment. My Father wound was at play, which plays nicely into my money story. 

Did I call the service person up and say “Hey, about that $33K investment, so like, my Father wound was at play, you know, like, it has me putting myself in sticky situations financially, where I like put myself with my back against the wall, can we like aaaah, just forget about the contract I signed, and like just stop the payments?”

B*tch please, go sort your sh*t out, she would have said to me, and rightly so. 

It’s time to raise the bar on decision making and commitments.

Your trauma and your wounds are YOUR responsibility to heal, not your excuses for bad decisions and bad behaviour [check out my podcast episodes on the Mother and Father wound here].

Get to it!

Everything and anything you need, is right in front of you. It’s up to you whether you want to see it, and choose it, or not. 

My weekend looked like this. A perfect way to process the deep work I did on Friday, and set myself up for this week.

Happy week ahead Lovers. 

May you get some GREAT sh*t done, and ENJOY yourselves immensely in the process.

Until soon.

Keep on listening to those inner whispers and taking courageous action. 

The world needs you. 

With love and excitement for your imminent next level of expansion.



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