What you want to experience, and the capacity you have to give & receive….

…need to be a match for one another in order to realise your desired experience.

…and whether you’re #embodied in the energetic #frequency that will support such an experience, will determine your readiness to be with the sweetness of letting go, and letting the energy flow, in order for you to create that which you desire.

In this episode I talk about what steps are required for you to experience peace in your day-to-day life and business, and more specifically when you are going through an important Rite of Passage in your life; birth, death, peri-menopause, menopause, career change, revenue increases, separation, divorce, parenting changes…

You may have a desire,

It may be clear in your minds eye,

You may have visualised it…

And felt parts of it move through your body.

Though if your current mental, emotional, physical & energetic state is not an energetic match for it, your human operating system will not have the #capacity to be with the surge of #energy that comes with your commitment to expand to your next level of #leadership, and the magnetisation of people, opportunities & experiences towards you, that come with such a #commitment.

I cover:-

>> What determines your capacity to give and receive 

>> The importance of load management, aka prioritisation

>> The impact of the seasons on your growth in moments of expansion

>> High-Performance Leadership in the realms of Divine Feminine Leadership

>> The power of a 30 DAY PRACTICE

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