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Testimonial Paula_Ascension

Making the decision to leave the “safety and security” of corporate is one of the biggest leaps any human being can make.  

It takes courageous, relentless commitment to living in alignment with that which is important to that individual, and the deepest amount of trust in self.  

Once these qualities are harnessed, the results are magical!!!! 

On this side of the work life integration game that is Divine Feminine Leadership within entrepreneurship, there are no ceilings. 

There are no bulls…

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Zombie Apolocalypse

Armless Cape,

Cesare Paciotti knee high boots,

Emblemated….with the exquisite Paciotti dagger.

Red internal leather,

external red soles,

gold finishes,

And the most exquisite zips I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing…

Purchased in Napoli,

when I was 24 years old.

Investment: 966 Australian Dollars, and 30 cents, at the time. 

Jade necklace....provided by the Artist herself…The Capturer of the moment,

my photographer.

Citrine ring.

Leather pants.


of course.


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You can’t sell a secret.

Your silence will not protect you.

Denying your birthright to share your magnificence with the world, will only end in pain and suffering.

Your voice matters.

Your story matters.

What you have to share from deep within your soul, is a gift waiting to be received by those who are an energetic match for your wisdom.

Who’s producing the show here?

Your ego?

Or your divine nature?

It’s game time Sister!

I’m turning 39 next week, and with it comes a double chin and …

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Your Pathway to Multi-6 Figures in 6 Months!


Expert guidance means accelerated results.

I was recently asked the question, “As a single Mother, how did you transition from employee, to becoming a CEO of your own business, and scale to close to a quarter of a million dollars in under 3 years, no savings, and no Online Business experience?”

“I got support”, was my answer.

Growth doesn’t happen within the vacuum of your mind.

It happens within Containers of trust & safety, surrounded by humans with aligned values, principles, missions, pu…

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He said I would never make it in business...

Black Friday_Cyber Monday 2020

A “mate” of mine, sat across from my ex and said “She’s never going to make it”.

A few months later, I hit my first $30K month  - and within 18 months of building my business I hit 6 figures.

A few days ago I sent a message to my Mum (the one that nurtured me) and Dad and shared my 6 year plan with them. 

It’s BIG! Involving many zeros and huge impact.

She said “I am sure, if anyone can do it, it’s you”

That’s just it. 

You’re going to have supporters. 

And you’re always goi…

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I got the job!!!!

Leigh Noah Fiji
When we first met. I pitched him hard.

I let him know who I was, what I stood for and why I was the best person to assist him to realise his dreams.

His call out rate was $10K a day.

For the next two weeks I orientated myself.

Got present to the fact that the infrastructure of the place needed a total overall (more on systems and structures later)

And by day 10, I stood in front of him.

A CEO who had been managing a reputable organisation for 22 years.…

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