Totally insane or onto something profitable and sustainable?

LinkedIN Amanda Black Dress
He looked at me like I was insane.

Outside the ANZ building - Townhall, Sydney, we sat together, a few days after handing in my resignation.

No more of this inefficient bullsh*t way of operating”, I said to him [my boss at the time]

It’s time to normalise the alignment of the cycles of the moon and nature, with business strategy. The next time I set foot in a boardroom, my first response to any strategic plan will be …let’s check whether the position of the moon is…

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Your Pathway to Multi-6 Figures in 6 Months!


Expert guidance means accelerated results.

I was recently asked the question, “As a single Mother, how did you transition from employee, to becoming a CEO of your own business, and scale to close to a quarter of a million dollars in under 3 years, no savings, and no Online Business experience?”

“I got support”, was my answer.

Growth doesn’t happen within the vacuum of your mind.

It happens within Containers of trust & safety, surrounded by humans with aligned values, principles, missions, pu…

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Senior women in leadership are done doing sh*t below their pay grade.


For over 18 years I supported driven male CEO’s to build and grow profitable & sustainable businesses.

Were their management styles conducive to sustainable business growth? 


Were their employees always treated fairly, with consciousness and dignity?


Were their actions aligned to the mission, purpose and vision of the organisation?

Often not. 

Through almost two decades of my career in import and export, private yachting, events management, manufacturing and distribution, corporat…

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Celebrating MY TEAM ❤️

“Of course you will! I believe you, I trust you”
10 words that have been repeated to me over and over again by those who have backed me from Day 1 of my entrepreneurial journey.
The final 3, mean the world to me.

Thank you.
To be trusted to realise your dreams, and vulnerably share your desires without fear of judgment is undeniably the greatest gift one can receive.
To my team, who have supported me to be the woman I am today,
I am deeply grateful for your co…

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True courage is not bravery...here's why...

Abbey Leigh Higher Self

I am not courageous because I am heroic or brave. 

I am courageous because I tell the story of who I am with my whole heart. 

Straight from my core. 

Cor = The Latin word for heart.

Last night we were invited to come as our Higher Selves. 

I came Elegantly.

With all my heart. 

Chest exposed. 

Like Mermaid. 

Contained yet free.

Courageously open. 

To endings and new beginnings.

To 2020

To 12/20

To 2021

Together we raised our vibration, in preparation for the transitio…

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$700,000 raised + 10,000 lives saved

Event 265

The idea was born in 2012, when her daughter was born - back home, a near death experience.

She spent two years researching how to bring her dream to life whilst in the early stages of Motherhood.

By 2014 she had brought her key team together to make it happen.

In 2016 she began to strategically execute.

4 years later, she‘s raised $700,000 and saved 10,000 women’s and babies lives.

Aminata Conteh-Biger and I met one another in 2014 when she was ready to take action to make her dream a real…

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Independent or not truly open to receive?

Event 166

Are you independent, or is your capacity to receive minimal?


My everything.

The space where our ability to give and receive increases exponentially.

Where magic happens.

I’ve been journeying with these women throughout 2020.

We’ve become #1 international bestselling authors together.

Spent heaps of time with one another virtually.

Run events together.

Together we’ve made the seemingly impossible possible through COVID-19.

We’ve had sleepovers, brea…

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He said I would never make it in business...

Black Friday_Cyber Monday 2020

A “mate” of mine, sat across from my ex and said “She’s never going to make it”.

A few months later, I hit my first $30K month  - and within 18 months of building my business I hit 6 figures.

A few days ago I sent a message to my Mum (the one that nurtured me) and Dad and shared my 6 year plan with them. 

It’s BIG! Involving many zeros and huge impact.

She said “I am sure, if anyone can do it, it’s you”

That’s just it. 

You’re going to have supporters. 

And you’re always goi…

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Why I became a high-functioning alchoholic, and what happened next...

Heros Leigh_LR-1

Yesterday. Tomorrow. The Unknown.

Naked. Heart wide open. Surrendering to life.

Looking back...my journey of transformation all began consciously four and a half years ago on my 34th birthday (a 10 day silent retreat does that to you 😝) when I decided to get out of my own way, invest in myself and TRULY align with my values, principles, mission and purpose to create life that I LOVE! #personalalignment


The journey goes like this…



✔️ Create detailed financial budget (my actio…

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Rejection is redirection. Remember that!

Rejection is redirection

2 and a half years ago my request to work from home one day a week and finish at 2pm on a Friday, to be more present for my then 10 year old son, was rejected.

I’m a single mother, dedicated worker and extremely driven woman.

I am now also the founder of Inategy Business School, a 6-figure + online business school for purpose-driven #entrepreneurs and #conscious #leaders who want to build and grow #sustainable businesses for social impact WITHOUT compromising who they are to achieve their wildest …

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